Fiscal year

Fiscal year,

Definition of Fiscal year:

  1. UK: Twelve-month period covered by the governments yearly budget. Also called a tax year.

  2. A year as reckoned for taxing or accounting purposes.

  3. USA: Alternative term for financial year.

How to use Fiscal year in a sentence?

  1. At the end of the fiscal year , the company had to inventory all of its merchandise to prepare for the new year.
  2. The companys stock price rose to record levels after they reported earnings 20% over analysts estimate at the end of their fiscal year.
  3. The firm is expected to turn a profit for its fiscal year ending April 30.
  4. It was very important to close the sale of their biggest client this week, before the fiscal year was over and a new one began.

Meaning of Fiscal year & Fiscal year Definition