Fiscal Year-End

Fiscal Year-End,

Fiscal Year-End Definition:

  • The term fiscal year refers to the end of one-year or twelve-month accounting periods, which is not normal in the calendar. Fiscal year is often the period for calculating financial statements. A company's fiscal year may vary from calendar year and, due to the nature of business needs, may not expire on December 31st. Once a company chooses the end of its year, usually at the time of joining or starting, it has to comply with it year after year. That is, accounting data may be subject to conditions.

    • Fiscal year refers to one year or 12 months billing period.
    • When a company's fiscal year ends, which coincides with the end of the calendar year, it means that the fiscal year ends on December 31.
    • Companies have the flexibility to choose the best end of the year based on the company's needs.

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Meanings of Fiscal:
  1. As far as public revenue is concerned, mainly taxes.

  2. Legal or tax officials in some countries.

Sentences of Fiscal
  1. Fiscal and fiscal policy

Synonyms of Fiscal

budgetary, revenue, tax


Meanings of Year:
  1. The time it takes for the earth to revolve around the sun.

  2. A period of 365 days (or 366 days in a leap year) beginning January 1, used to calculate time in normal business operations. 365 days from each date; Year in terms of product quality, usually wines. The term is used to calculate according to other calendars.

  3. Age or life span.

  4. old age.

  5. Groups of students are groups with the same age, who basically go to school or university in the same academic year.

Sentences of Year
  1. Half of Americans know that it takes a year for the earth to orbit the sun.

  2. Your salary will be charged at the same rate for one calendar year each year.

  3. Most of the girls in my year drop out of school at the end of the semester

Synonyms of Year

class, lifetime, length of life, stream, duration, school group, number of years, set, study group, form, band


Meanings of End:
  1. The last part of something, especially a period of time, activity or date.

  2. The farthest or extreme part or point of something.

  3. A goal or result.

  4. (Bowling and curling) Play sessions in a specific direction in the play area.

  5. An offensive or defensive lineman near the line of contact.

  6. Come or go to the end.

Sentences of End
  1. End of year

  2. Last house

  3. Each will use the other to achieve its goals

  4. Defensive end

  5. When the war ended, politics changed

Synonyms of End

purpose, furthermost part, finish, denouement, periphery, extremity, margin, cease, objective, border, mission, terminate, resolution, holy grail, ending, come to an end, finale, climax, target, conclusion, close, termination