Fiscal Surplus - Also Budget Surplus

Fiscal Surplus - Also Budget Surplus,

How Do You Define Fiscal Surplus - Also Budget Surplus?

  1. The total revenue of the state (from tax revenue etc.) exceeds its expenditure (as opposed to budget / budget deficit).

Literal Meanings of Fiscal Surplus - Also Budget Surplus


Meanings of Fiscal:
  1. Legal or Treasury Director in some countries.

  2. Refers to state revenues, including taxes.

Sentences of Fiscal
  1. Fiscal and fiscal policy

Synonyms of Fiscal

budgetary, tax, revenue


Meanings of Surplus:
  1. When demand, surplus production or supply meets demand, much remains

  2. Excessive or excessive

Sentences of Surplus
  1. Food export surplus

  2. Maximize your extra cash flow

Synonyms of Surplus

superfluity, excessive, spare, glut, plethora, reserve, additional, left, superabundance, oversufficiency, oversupply, overabundance, leftover, extra, in excess, remaining, unused, excess, surfeit, profusion


Meanings of Also:
  1. and also.

Sentences of Also
  1. Linguists, they are also interested in plants

Synonyms of Also

too, then, further, in addition, to boot, over and above that, additionally, moreover, what's more, else, into the bargain, on top of that, equally, as well, besides, furthermore, on top


Meanings of Budget:
  1. Expenses Estimated income and expenses for a fixed period.

  2. Lots of material, usually written or printed.

  3. Allow or allow a certain amount of money in the budget.

  4. A little expensive.

Sentences of Budget
  1. University deficit forecast

  2. Cheap guitar

Synonyms of Budget

low-price, earmark, allow, set aside, low-budget, reasonably priced, cut-rate, appropriate, prediction of revenue and expenditure, economical, assign, devote, inexpensive, designate, bargain-basement, low-cost, forecast, reasonable, financial estimate, allot, bargain, discount, financial plan, allocate, economic, cheap