Fiscal Nullity Doctrine

Fiscal Nullity Doctrine,

What is The Definition of Fiscal Nullity Doctrine?

In cases of tax evasion where ordinary transactions are ignored for tax reasons, legal theory is commonly used in the UK. Theory of substance forms

Literal Meanings of Fiscal Nullity Doctrine


Meanings of Fiscal:
  1. Public revenue, especially tax.

  2. Legal or tax officials in some countries.

Sentences of Fiscal
  1. Fiscal and fiscal policy

Synonyms of Fiscal

revenue, tax, budgetary


Meanings of Nullity:
  1. Any action or thing that is invalid.

  2. Something important or valuable.

Sentences of Nullity
  1. He said the certificate of non-compliance with both responsibilities was invalid as the judge did not explain the reasons for non-compliance.

  2. In this column, he has mastered the art of speaking simultaneously on both sides of the mouth, which enhances falsehood.


Meanings of Doctrine:
  1. A doctrine or set of beliefs that is represented and taught by a church, political party, or other group.

Sentences of Doctrine
  1. The theory of prediction

Synonyms of Doctrine

code of belief, creed, belief, dogma, credo, set of beliefs, conviction, teaching