Fiscal Cliff

Fiscal Cliff,

What Does Fiscal Cliff Mean?

  1. Economists cite the unprecedented effects of the tax cuts imposed by President George W. Bush at the beginning of the tax cuts, the abolition of tax cuts on salaries and the automatic cuts in public spending. . There are fears that the combined effect of spending cuts and tax increases could mean a 3% drop in growth if Congress and the president allow it in 2013.

Literal Meanings of Fiscal Cliff


Meanings of Fiscal:
  1. Public revenue, especially tax.

  2. Legal or tax officials in some countries.

Sentences of Fiscal
  1. Fiscal and fiscal policy

Synonyms of Fiscal

tax, budgetary, revenue


Meanings of Cliff:
  1. Standing rocky faces, especially on the beach.

Sentences of Cliff
  1. A path with a steep mountain top

Synonyms of Cliff

precipice, rock face, face, crag, bluff, ridge, escarpment, scar, scarp, overhang