First-party Risk

First-party Risk,

What Does First-party Risk Mean?

Income or property insurance from a designated policyholder (such as property insurance).

Literal Meanings of First-party Risk


Meanings of First:
  1. Be the first to arrive on time or be the first to order in advance.

  2. Especially in place, location or importance.

  3. With a particular party or individual who holds any position.

Sentences of First
  1. Your first wife

  2. The first duty of a doctor is to respect this right.

  3. Was the first person to set a cookie in the river

Synonyms of First

paramount, greatest, utmost, topmost, prime, principal, highest, major, chief, top, introductory, opening, uppermost, earliest, main, foremost, initial, leading, original


Meanings of Party:
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Sentences of Party
  1. Engagement ceremony

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  3. Agreement between the two parties

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Meanings of Risk:
  1. Expose loss, damage or loss to anyone or anything of value.

  2. Conditions involved in exposure to hazards

Sentences of Risk
  1. Ignoring the law is very dangerous

Synonyms of Risk

bet, put on the line, hazard, endanger, chance, probability, put in jeopardy, imperil, danger, fear, possibility, menace, expose to danger, likelihood, wager, venture, take a chance with, jeopardize, gamble, put at risk