Definition of Firefox:

  1. Internet browser used to view web pages on the World Wide Web. The browser was developed by Mozilla Corporation. The browser is free to download and seeks to eliminate some of the security and operational issues present in other internet browsers. Firefox was introduced to the market in 2004 and was previously called Firebird.

Meaning of Firefox & Firefox Definition

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Firefox, or more specifically Mozilla Firefox, is a free and open source web browser that uses the Gecko engine. It was originally released on September 23, 2002, and since then, Firefox has been continuously developed by the Mozilla Foundation, Mozilla Corporation, and others. Probably few people know that the browser was originally called Phoenix but was eventually replaced by Firefox due to a naming conflict.

The main advantages of Mozilla Firefox

  • Security The Firefox web browser supports the latest and most popular security technologies. These include SSL encryption, privacy settings, easy configuration, the ability to work on different platforms (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android).
  • The ability to work in multiple tabs of the program allows you to open multiple sites in one window. It is also possible to customize each homepage.
  • Mozilla Firefox Pop-up Blocker has a built-in pop-up blocker setting. It is fully customizable and its main function is protection against unwanted pop-up windows.
  • Search engine integration Many search engines (eg Google, Bing) are integrated in this web browser. They can be added to the search bar. The default search engine, which is installed immediately after installing the program, is Google.


The Mozilla Firefox web browser supports two types of extensions:

  1. Themes change the web browser's appearance, color scheme, or background image. The installation is simple and is done directly from the website. Don't forget to restart your browser after installing the new theme, otherwise it won't change.
  2. Extensions are software modules that, once installed, customize your web browser. Thanks to them, for example, you can add extra features and functionality to Mozilla Firefox. For example, blocking excessive pop-ups, downloading videos directly from websites, or managing passwords.