The amount that the insurer has to pay to cover the cost of firefighting works, which is fixed by various state governments, is paid to the insured as premium expenses, which is called salary tax. Is.

Literal Meanings of FIRE SERVICES LEVIES


Meanings of FIRE:
  1. The process by which a chemical combines with oxygen in the air and usually emits bright light, heat and burning or smoke.

  2. Feeling irritated

  3. Weapon projectiles, especially firearms.

  4. Firearms or other weapons (bullets or projectiles)

  5. Dismiss (employees).

  6. Fuel supply (stove, engine, etc.).

  7. Encouragement or excitement (imagination or emotion).

  8. Bake or dry in the oven (ceramic, brick, etc.).

Sentences of FIRE
  1. His house caught fire.

  2. Whiskey sets fire to the back of your throat.

  3. The machine gun exploded

  4. The retreating prisoner was shot.

  5. I have to get rid of the man who has been with me for years.

  6. Liquid gas can ignite a space heater.

  7. India awakens my imagination.

  8. Methane is used to make bricks at a nearby factory.

Synonyms of FIRE

sniping, awaken, send flying, gunfire, arouse, enliven, show someone the door, trigger, throw, electrify, cannonade, shoot, bombardment, fusillade, quicken, impel, bring out, oust, let off, send, get rid of, volley, evoke


Meanings of SERVICES:
  1. The act of helping or working for someone.

  2. Systems that meet public needs such as transport, communications or utilities such as electricity and water.

  3. Perform routine maintenance or repair work (vehicle or machine).

  4. Homosexuality with (male) (female).

Sentences of SERVICES
  1. Millions of people are involved in volunteering.

  2. Make sure gas supplies are delivered regularly.

  3. One dog can possibly produce several dogs in one day.

Synonyms of SERVICES

give a maintenance check to, routine check, kindness, helping hand, check, act of assistance, facility, aid, assistance, recondition, utility, go over, mend, check over, favour, maintenance check, system, help, offices, solution


Meanings of LEVIES:
  1. Charge (tax, fee or penalty)

  2. Recruit (someone) for military service.

  3. The process of collecting taxes, fees or fines.

  4. Army recruitment process

Sentences of LEVIES
  1. 2% tax is levied on each price.

  2. Trying to get one man from each city for a job.

  3. Police forces receive 49% of their funds from customs taxes.

  4. Edward I and Edward II used many feudal taxes to build an army.

Synonyms of LEVIES

impost, customs, conscript, duty, excise, fee, marshal, rally, payment, tax, dues, tithe, impose, exaction, charge, draft, round up, taxation, exact, mulct, demand, raise, toll