Fire Map

Fire Map,

Fire Map Meanings:

  • A simple definition of Fire Map is: A firemap is a map showing the location of properties that insurance companies have contracted with fire insurance. With the help of this map, these companies can see exactly where their risks are and are planning to avoid major losses.

Literal Meanings of Fire Map


Meanings of Fire:
  1. Combustion, or combustion, where chemicals combine with oxygen in the air and usually emit bright light, heat, and smoke.

  2. Burns the body.

  3. Firing with firearms, especially firearms.

  4. Disassembly of firearms or other weapons for explosive proportions (bullets or estimates)

  5. Termination of employment (employee)

  6. Fuel supply (oven, engine, boiler or power plant)

  7. Exciting or exciting (imagination or emotion)

  8. Bake in the oven (ceramic, brick, etc.) or dry.

Sentences of Fire
  1. The fire destroyed his house

  2. The whiskey caught fire in his throat

  3. Repulsion of prisoners

  4. The liquid gas heater can start.

  5. India burned my imagination

  6. Methane is used to burn bricks in a nearby factory.

Synonyms of Fire

power, arouse, evoke, bombardment, shoot, breathe life into, eject, flak, stir up, give someone their notice, animate, discharge, hurl, stimulate, throw out, rouse, excite, oust, fire, shy, let go


Meanings of Map:
  1. Planned representation of land or sea with physical features, city, roads, etc.

  2. People's faces

  3. Represent (an area) on a map, create a map.

  4. A modified American plan.

Sentences of Map
  1. The map is made from an invisible part of the air

Synonyms of Map

portray, chart, plan, plot, survey, delineate, depict, draw