Fire Brigade

Fire Brigade,

What is The Meaning of Fire Brigade?

  1. A specific group of employees of an organization who are designated and trained to take special measures in the event of a fire on its premises. Their duties include notifying firefighters, evacuating facilities, protecting facilities, and deleting necessary files or content. In some cases, firefighters may have real firefighting missions. Firefighters can take anywhere from two people to firefighting teams.

Literal Meanings of Fire Brigade


Meanings of Fire:
  1. Fire from firearms or other weapons for explosive-fired fireworks (bullets or estimates)

  2. Firing from the job (employee).

  3. Provide fuel (oven, engine, boiler or power plant).

  4. Encouragement or Awakening (Imagination or Emotions)

  5. Bake or dry in the oven (ceramic, brick, etc.).

  6. Combustion, or combustion, in which a chemical combines with oxygen in the air and usually emits bright light, heat, and smoke.

  7. Sensation in the body.

  8. Weapons projections, especially the firing of firearms.

Sentences of Fire
  1. Firing on a retreating prisoner

  2. Liquid gas can ignite a space heater

  3. India awakened my imagination

  4. Methane is used to bake bricks at a nearby factory.

  5. The fire destroyed his house

  6. Whiskey sets fire to the back of your throat

  7. The machine gun exploded

Synonyms of Fire

stimulate, inflame, engender, evoke, awaken, firing, sniping, send flying, charge, bring out, arouse, let fly with, give someone their notice, oust, gunfire, put life into, launch, discharge, depose, excite, dismiss, animate, breathe life into, fire, lay off, loose off, throw out, throw, let go


Meanings of Brigade:
  1. Brigade form

  2. A subdivision of the army usually consists of a small number of infantry battalions and / or other units, which are part of this division.

Sentences of Brigade
  1. Militia, which recruits in regular formations to improve their training

  2. Commanding a brigade of 3,000 men

Synonyms of Brigade

company, squadron, contingent, battalion, section, platoon, regiment, troop, detachment, division, unit, legion, corps, garrison