Finite Capacity

Finite Capacity,

Finite Capacity Definition:

  • Planning is the process by which computer programs manage work and allocate available resources in a highly efficient manner.

Literal Meanings of Finite Capacity


Meanings of Finite:
  1. They have limits.

  2. (In oral form) which has a specific time, number and individual.

Sentences of Finite
  1. Every computer has a limited amount of memory

  2. In English, stress should be expressed in all limited verbal sentences.

Synonyms of Finite

restricted, not infinite, limited, subject to limitations


Meanings of Capacity:
  1. The maximum amount can stop something.

  2. The amount that can be produced.

Sentences of Capacity
  1. The freezing capacity is 1.1 cubic feet

  2. I was hired as a volunteer

Synonyms of Capacity

work rate, capacity, yield, post, productive capacity, output, job, volume, appointment, efficiency, office, cubic measure, position, production, productiveness