Definition of Fine:

  1. Sum of money (amount of which reflects the seriousness of a breach of contract or offense) ordered to be paid, as a penalty or punishment in a civil or criminal case.

  2. Clarify (beer or wine) by causing the precipitation of sediment during production.

  3. Make or become thinner.

  4. Very small particles found in mining, milling, etc.

  5. In a satisfactory or pleasing manner; very well.

  6. (of a thread, filament, or persons hair) thin.

  7. Of high quality.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Fine


Synonyms of Fine

Excellent, First-class, First-rate, Great, Exceptional, Outstanding, Admirable, Quality, Superior, Splendid, Magnificent, Beautiful, Exquisite, Choice, Select, Prime, Supreme, Superb, Wonderful, Sublime, Superlative, Very good, Of high quality, Of a high standard, Second to none, Top, Rare, Thin, Become thin, Make thin, Become thinner, Make thinner, Narrow, Taper, Attenuate, Constrict, Thin, Light, Delicate, Wispy, Floaty, Flyaway, Feathery, Babylonian, Corinthian, OK, Roger, Absolutely, Abstruse, Accomplished, Accurate, Acrid, Acute, Admirable, Adulterated, Advantageous, Aesthetic, Aesthetically appealing, Affable, Agreeable, Airy, Alive and kicking, All right, Alright, Alrighty, Amen, Amerce, Amercement, Amiable, Amicable, Amusing, Appreciative, Arabesque, Aright, As you say, Assessment, Assuredly, Attentive, Attenuate, Attenuated, Attractive, Auspicious, Awe-inspiring, Awful, Aye, Balmy, Barbaric, Baroque, Beauteous, Beautiful, Beneficial, Benevolent, Bitsy, Bitty, Blissful, Bon, Bonny, Bonzer, Boyish, Branny, Braw, Bright, Bright and fair, Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, Brilliant, Bueno, Busy, By all means, Capital, Capitally, Certainly, Chalklike, Chalky, Champion, Charge, Cheerful, Chichi, Chipper, Choice, Civilized, Clear, Close, Cloudless, Cogent, Comely, Commendable, Comminute, Comminuted, Compatible, Complaisant, Confiscate, Congenial, Conscientious, Constant, Consummate, Cool, Cordial, Correct, Critical, Crushed, Cryptic, Cultivated, Cultured, Cut, Cute, Cutting, Da, Dainty, Damages, Dandy, Delicat, Delicate, Deluxe, Demanding, Desirable, Detailed, Detrital, Detrited, Diaphanous, Differential, Dilute, Diluted, Direct, Discriminate, Discriminating, Discriminative, Disintegrated, Distinctive, Distinguishing, Distrain, Distraint, Distress, Double-edged, Downy, Dry, Dulcet, Dusty, Edged, Efflorescent, Elaborate, Elegant, En rapport, Endowed with beauty, Enigmatic, Enjoyable, Enjoying health, Entertaining, Escheat, Escheatment, Esoteric, Estimable, Estreat, Ethereal, Eupeptic, Even, Exact, Exacting, Exactly, Excellent, Excellently, Exceptional, Exigent, Expedient, Express, Exquisite, Extravagant, Eye-filling, Fair, Fair and pleasant, Faithful, Famous, Famously, Fancy, Farinaceous, Fastidious, Favorable, Featheredged, Fee, Felicific, Felicitous, Filamentous, Filmy, Fine-drawn, Fine-grained, Finely, Finespun, Finical, Finicking, Finicky, First-class, First-rate, Firsts, Fit, Fit and fine, Flaky, Flamboyant, Flimsy, Florid, Floury, Flowerlike, Flowery, Fluffy, Forfeit, Forfeiture, Frail, Frilly, Full of beans, Furfuraceous, Fussy, Fuzzy, Gaseous, Gauzy, Genial, Girlish, Glorious, Gone to dust, Good, Good enough, Good-looking, Goodly, Gossamer, Gossamery, Graceful, Gracile, Gracious, Grand, Grandiose, Grated, Grateful, Gratifying, Great, Ground, Hair-splitting, Hairline, Hairsplitting, Handsome, Harmonious, Healthful, Healthy, Hear, Heart-warming, Heavy, Helpful, High-grade, High-wrought, Honeyed, Impalpable, Imposing, Impressive, In condition, In fine fettle, In fine whack, In good case, In good health, In good shape, In health, In high feather, In mint condition, In shape, In the pink, Indeed, Indeedy, Inerrable, Inerrant, Infallible, Insubstantial, Interesting, Itsy-bitsy, Ja, Just so, Keen, Keen-edged, Kind, Knifelike, Labored, Lacy, Laudable, Levigated, Levy, Levy a distress, Light, Likable, Loose, Lovely, Luxuriant, Luxurious, Magnificent, Mais oui, Majestic, Masterly, Mathematical, Mealy, Mellifluous, Mellow, Meritorious, Meticulous, Micrometrically precise, Microscopic, Milled, Minute, Misty, Moresque, Most assuredly, Mulct, Narrow, Naturally, Naturellement, Neat, Nice, Nicely, Noble, Obscure, Of course, Okay, Ornate, Ostentatious, Oui, Outstanding, Overelaborate, Overelegant, Overlabored, Overworked, Overwrought, Palatial, Papery, Particular, Peachy, Peewee, Penalize, Penalty, Pestled, Petty, Picturesque, Pinpoint, Pleasant, Pleasing, Pleasurable, Pleasure-giving, Pleasureful, Plush, Pointed, Polished, Porous, Posh, Positively, Powdered, Powdery, Precise, Precisely, Precisianistic, Precisionistic, Pretty, Pretty-pretty, Prime, Princely, Profitable, Proud, Pubescent, Pulchritudinous, Pulverant, Pulverized, Pulverulent, Punctilious, Punctual, Punishment, Quality, Quite, Rainless, Rare, Rarefied, Rather, Razor-edged, Really, Recondite, Reduced to powder, Refined, Regal, Religious, Religiously exact, Reparation, Rewarding, Rich, Right, Righto, Rigid, Rigorous, Ripping, Ritzy, Robust, Rococo, Royal, Royally, Satin, Satiny, Satisfactory, Satisfying, Scaly, Scientific, Scientifically exact, Scobicular, Scobiform, Sconce, Scrupulous, Scrutinizing, Scurfy, Seemly, Select, Selective, Sensitive, Sequestrate, Set, Severe, Sharded, Sharp, Sheer, Shredded, Silky, Skillful, Slender, Slenderish, Slight, Slight-made, Slim, Slimmish, Slinky, Small, Smooth, Sophisticated, Sound, Splendacious, Splendid, Splendidly, Splendiferous, Square, Stately, Strict, Striking, Subtile, Subtle, Sumptuous, Sunny, Superb, Superfancy, Superfine, Superior, Supreme, Sure, Sure thing, Surely, Svelte, Swank, Swanky, Sweet, Swell, Sylphlike, Tactful, Tax, Teeny, Teeny-weeny, Tenuous, Thin, Thin-bodied, Thin-set, Thin-spun, Thinned, Thinned-out, Thinnish, Threadlike, Tiny, To be sure, Top-drawer, Trifling, Triturated, Truly, Two-edged, Uncompact, Uncompressed, Undarkened, Undeviating, Unerring, Unsubstantial, Useful, Vague, Valid, Vaporous, Velutinous, Velvety, Very good, Very well, Virtuoso, Virtuous, Wasp-waisted, Watered, Watered-down, Watery, Weak, Wee, Welcome, Well, Well and good, Well-made, Why yes, Willowy, Windy, Wiredrawn, Wispy, Worthy, Yea, Yeah, Yep, Yes, Yes indeed, Yes indeedy, Yes sir, Yes sirree, Clarify, Clear, Become clear, Make clear, Purify, Refine, Filter

How to use Fine in a sentence?

  1. This was a fine piece of filmmaking.
  2. It raises dust, separating fines from aggregate.
  3. We fine the wine with egg extracts, so are we to put that on the label?.
  4. I have always had fine and dry hair.
  5. Shed certainly fined down—her face was thinner.

Meaning of Fine & Fine Definition