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Fine print,

Definition of Fine print:

  1. The "fine print" is a term that refers to contract terms and conditions, disclosures, or other important information that is not included in the main body of a document but placed in footnotes or a supplemental document.

  2. Small-type size (epitomized in the saying Fine-print taketh away what the large-print giveth!) in which covenants, deductions, exclusions, exemptions, and reductions of a loan agreement or insurance policy are sometimes printed. It is illegal in some countries to use a type size smaller than that used in the main body of agreement for any term or condition that limits or goes against the interests of the applicant or the weaker party. See also adhesion contract.

  3. Reading and understanding the fine print is essential when entering into an agreement. It often contains information that the issuer does not want to call to the recipient's attention but that is essential for the recipient to know.

  4. Printed matter in small type.

Synonyms of Fine print

Boundary condition, Catch, Clause, Condition, Donnee, Escalator clause, Escape clause, Escape hatch, Given, Grounds, Joker, Kicker, Limiting condition, Obligation, Parameter, Prerequisite, Provision, Provisions, Proviso, Requisite, Saving clause, Sine qua non, Small print, Specification, Stipulation, String, Terms, Ultimatum, Whereas

How to use Fine print in a sentence?

  1. The "fine print" is a term that refers to contract terms and conditions or disclosures placed in footnotes or at the end of the manuscript where it is easily overlooked by the reader.
  2. The information contained in the fine print is often essential for the recipient to know.
  3. Credit cards are notorious for placing hidden fees, interest rates, and payment terms in the fine print of contracts.
  4. The agents brochure carried disclaimers in fine print at the foot of the front and back pages but I would not accord these decisive significance on the present question.

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