What is The Definition of Finding?

  • Formal determination of facts by a judge or regulatory authority. Also the jury's statement about a fact.

Meanings of Finding

  1. The process of finding someone or something.

  2. Outcome as a result of investigation, inquiry or prosecution.

  3. Small items or tools used to make clothes, shoes or jewelry.

Sentences of Finding

  1. A local doctor reported that many dead rats had been found

  2. The result of the experiment

Synonyms of Finding

hypothesis, conviction, supposition, unearthing, location, suspicion, uncovering, assumption, detection, detecting, thesis, inference, locating, conclusion, presumption, belief, discovery

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  • Finding definition is: Formal determination of facts by a judge or regulatory authority. Also the result of a jury on a fact.

Meanings of Finding

  1. Information obtained as a result of an investigation or investigation.

  2. A small object or device used to make clothes, shoes or jewelry.

  3. Discover or feel accidental or unexpected.

  4. Identify (something) as present.

  5. They arrive either through a natural or normal process.

Sentences of Finding

  1. A local doctor reported finding several ■■■■ rats.

  2. Lindsay saw Neil staring at her.

  3. Vitamin B12 is found in dairy products.

  4. Water finds its surface.

Synonyms of Finding

perceive, occur, show itself, realize, appear, exist, obtain, note, be existent, notice, manifest itself, become aware, learn, be met with, observe, be present