Find My Phone Alert

Find My Phone Alert

Why do I see the "Find my iPhone" message?

Go to Settings> iCloud> (check mark) the Find My iPhone option (it should be activated (green color)), you will be asked for your username and password if you want to turn it off again. If that doesn't fix the problem, restart your iPhone and double check. Good luck.Similarly, people are wondering what it means to see "Find My iPhone Alarm Clock" on their phone.The FMI alert can often be triggered when using two-factor authentication on one of the Apple devices. Change your Apple ID password.

Do you also know why Find My iPhone keeps showing old location?

When searching for iPhone, the last location on the device is marked with a green or gray dot. A gray dot means the connection has been lost, Apple says. If the device was last online, you can also see when it was last found. If the device has been disconnected for more than 24 hours, see Disconnected.

Or ask if you get a notification when you turn off Find My iPhone?

Yes, if you turn off Find My iPhone on a device with an active status of Find My iPhone active, an email will be sent to the email in the Apple ID file associated with the iCloud account.

How do I get the iPhone search notice?

Click All Devices, then select the device on which you want to play audio. If the missing iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (iOS 12.1.1 or later) is online, the "Find my [device]" message appears on the device screen. If the device is an iPhone, it will also vibrate. After a five-second delay, the device beeps.

Can my phone alert the phone?

No, he won't notice the persecution. The phone notifies you only when you tap Play Audio on iPhone. Since the question was if he knew and there was no way to find out, I decided to answer: he can't set the phone to warn him (turn off an alarm) when it's him.

What will it inform me when it is found?

If Find My iPhone cannot find the device, it will display the last known location for up to 24 hours. Click Notify Me When Found to receive an email when it goes online.

What is an iPad alarm?

A notice about Find My [device] also appears on the device screen. A confirmation email will also be sent to your Apple ID email address. If the device is disconnected: Waiting appears in Play audio. The sound will play the next time it is connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.

What is my android phone?

Remotely search, block or delete

How do I change my Apple account password?

How do I change your Apple ID?

On the Apple ID sender account page

Can you find my iPhone notification on the phone?

Finding a device in Find My iPhone

What happens if Find My iPhone is disabled?

You use the Find My app on your iPad to find your iPhone. When your iPhone is dead, you will be taken to the last place your iPhone was before the battery ran out. If your iPhone is disconnected but not dead, the Find My app will find your iPhone's current location using nearby Apple devices.

What happens if Find My iPhone is disabled?

Lost or stolen, when turned on and connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network, the approximate location of the iPhone is shown on a map. If your poweriPhone‌ runs out, loses connection or turns off, innFind My‌ ‌iPhone‌ shows the last known location for 24 hours.

How do I turn off Find My Friends without them knowing?

How do I turn off Find My iPhone without warning?

To turn off Find My iPhone, follow these steps:

Can I turn off Find My Phone?

Open the Device Settings app. Tap Security & Location. Tap Find My Device. Turn off Find My Device.

Find my 2017 iPhone notification email?

No, there is no way to know if you are being followed. However, if someone logs into a browser with your Apple ID and password, they will send you an email to let you know that someone is logged into your iCloud account.

How do I turn off Find My iPhone on Apple Watch?

  1. Go to and log into your Apple computer with a computer.
  2. Go to Find My iPhone.
  3. Select All Devices, then click Apple Watch.
  4. Click Remove Apple Watch. Select Next until the device is wiped.
  5. Click the remote next to Apple Watch.

Why doesn't Find My iPhone update its location?

Why don't I use Find My iPhone to update my location update?

If you get a "Cannot find your device"

"Find my iPhone" message is that still correct?

Find My Phone Alert