Financing Entity

Financing Entity,

What is Financing Entity?

  • Provide money for purchases.

Literal Meanings of Financing Entity


Meanings of Financing:
  1. Management of large sums of money, especially by governments or large companies.

  2. Provision of funds for (individual or legal entity)

Sentences of Financing
  1. Corporate financial management

  2. Healthcare is paid in full by taxpayers

Synonyms of Financing

financial affairs, money matters, pecuniary matters, fiscal matters, economics, money management, commerce, business, investment, banking, accounting, fund, pay for, back, capitalize, provide capital for, provide security for, endow, subsidize, invest in


Meanings of Entity:
  1. With something different and independent.

Sentences of Entity
  1. The church and the empire merged into one.

Synonyms of Entity

organization, institution, establishment, body, operation