Financial year

Financial year,

Definition of Financial year:

  1. Accounting period that can start on any day of a calendar year but has twelve consecutive months (52 consecutive weeks) at the end of which account books are closed, profit or loss is computed, and financial reports are prepared for filing. It may or may not match a calendar year. Called fiscal year in the US.

  2. A year as reckoned for taxing or accounting purposes; fiscal year.

Synonyms of Financial year

Twelve-month period, Twelve-month session

How to use Financial year in a sentence?

  1. If the companys accounting period straddles two financial years, the profit is apportioned and charged at the appropriate rates.

Meaning of Financial year & Financial year Definition

Financial Year,

What Does Financial Year Mean?

A simple definition of Financial Year is: 12-month period, usually from July 1 to June 30.

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Meanings of Financial:
  1. Financial or financial status of an organization or individual.

  2. In terms of finances.

Sentences of Financial
  1. You need to be careful about your finances, especially cash flow.

  2. Independent financial advisor

Synonyms of Financial

investment, economic, fiscal, monetary, business, pecuniary, commercial, accounting, money, budgetary, banking


Meanings of Year:
  1. The time it takes for the earth to revolve around the sun.

  2. The period of 365 days (or 366 days in a leap year) from January 1 is used to calculate the time in normal business transactions. 365 days from any date. In general, the year is coming to focus on product quality. Time period is used to calculate time according to other calendars.

  3. Age or life

  4. Very old

  5. One group of students was around the same age group, most of whom attended the same school or university in the same school year.

Sentences of Year
  1. About half of Americans know that it takes a year for the earth to orbit the sun.

  2. Your salary will be charged at the same rate each month for a calendar year.

  3. Most of the girls in my year drop out of school at the end of the semester.

Synonyms of Year

form, band, lifetime, school group, duration, set, number of years, study group, class, length of life, stream

Financial Year

A company's fiscal year can be 12 months long, although the most common year end dates are March 31 and December 31.