Financial Regulatory Agency

Financial Regulatory Agency,

What Does Financial Regulatory Agency Mean?

  1. Organizations are legally empowered to operate within the jurisdiction to ensure the safe and stable operation of financial institutions.

Literal Meanings of Financial Regulatory Agency


Meanings of Financial:
  1. Financial or financial status of an organization or person.

  2. In terms of finances.

Sentences of Financial
  1. You need to be careful about your finances, especially cash flow.

  2. Independent financial advisor

Synonyms of Financial

commercial, accounting, monetary, money, pecuniary, economic, business, investment, budgetary, banking, fiscal


Meanings of Regulatory:
  1. Serving or arranging something.

Sentences of Regulatory
  1. Current legal and regulatory framework

Synonyms of Regulatory

executive, regulatory, directing, management, organizational, directorial, supervisory, managerial, governmental, controlling


Meanings of Agency:
  1. A company or organization set up to provide certain services, usually services that arrange transactions between two parties.

  2. The process or intervention specifically to achieve a particular effect.

  3. Agent's position or job.

Sentences of Agency
  1. The rivers were dug by the river authorities

Synonyms of Agency

activity, firm, company, work, bureau, power, service, office, organization, influence, business, force, action, concern, effect