Financial Projections

Financial Projections,

What is The Definition of Financial Projections?

  • Expected future financial performance of the company

Literal Meanings of Financial Projections


Meanings of Financial:
  1. From a financial point of view.

  2. The financial or financial situation of an organization or individual.

Sentences of Financial
  1. Independent financial advisor

  2. You need to focus on your finances, especially your cash flow

Synonyms of Financial

money, fiscal, budgetary, monetary, commercial, economic, business, investment, pecuniary, banking, accounting


Meanings of Projections:
  1. Estimation or prediction of future conditions based on the study of current trends.

  2. Displays images on any surface, especially the cinema screen.

  3. Present or promote someone or something in a special way.

  4. Something that comes from something else.

  5. The work of presenting statistics.

  6. Partial representation of the earth's surface or celestial sphere on a flat surface.

Sentences of Projections
  1. Plans are based on slow but positive growth rates

  2. Quality image for rear projection

  3. Predict a legal profession that is based on strength

  4. The cluster is covered with sharp protrusion

  5. However, the map aircraft offer does not work.

Synonyms of Projections

prediction, outcrop, protuberance, prognostication, spur, calculation, jag, prominence, shelf, prognosis, outgrowth, sticking-out bit, protrusion, expectation, snag, ridge, overhang, reckoning, forecast, estimate, bulge, ledge, jut