Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, And Enforcement Act (FIRREA)

Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, And Enforcement Act (FIRREA),

What is The Definition of Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, And Enforcement Act (FIRREA)?

  • In response to a series of inefficient savings and loans in the 1980s, the 1989 law provides a comprehensive regulatory and enforcement framework that sets high minimum capital requirements and strict standards for all savings banks. Has been determined. Among other provisions, the FIRA has imposed three levels of civil penalties that may be imposed on institutions and their directors and officers for breach of fidelity duties. The FIREA also empowers regulators to refuse to appoint directors or officers of troubled savings institutions and to dismiss or dismiss directors or officers found guilty of certain acts. The FIREA has also personally held the directors and executive officers of the savings banks responsible for the financial losses incurred in civic operations, which the supervisory authorities have blamed for gross negligence.

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