Financial Disclosure Claims

Financial Disclosure Claims,

How Do You Define Financial Disclosure Claims?

  1. You can define Financial Disclosure Claims as, Complaints against company directors and officers regarding statements of expected income or other financial matters The basis of these allegations is the failure to immediately disclose or disclose certain information of directors and officers to the detriment of shareholders. Financial disclosure complaints are more common when quarterly results are lower than expected when directors and officers are based on past statements and when directors and officers do not immediately disclose a negative but predictable event. (For example ,

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Meanings of Financial:
  1. From a financial point of view.

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Sentences of Financial
  1. Independent financial advisor

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Meanings of Disclosure:
  1. Post new or confidential information.

Sentences of Disclosure
  1. A judge orders the provision of official documents

Synonyms of Disclosure

revelation, news, divulgence, surprising fact, announcement, report, declaration


Meanings of Claims:
  1. State or admit that something has happened, there is usually no evidence or proof.

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  3. Cause of loss (someone's life)

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  4. Threatened by allegations that he had links to the CIA

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