Financial Consolidation

Financial Consolidation,

What is The Meaning of Financial Consolidation?

The definition of Financial Consolidation is: It combines the financial results of a subsidiary with its shareholders, eliminating the need for inter-company accounting entries (transactions between subsidiaries are offset).

Literal Meanings of Financial Consolidation


Meanings of Financial:
  1. Financial or financial status of an organization or person.

  2. In terms of finances.

Sentences of Financial
  1. You need to be careful about your finances, especially cash flow.

  2. Independent financial advisor

Synonyms of Financial

banking, economic, accounting, business, monetary, commercial, fiscal, budgetary, investment, pecuniary, money


Meanings of Consolidation:
  1. The act or process of strengthening or strengthening something.

  2. The process or process of combining a series of things more efficiently or harmoniously.

Sentences of Consolidation
  1. Build lasting peace

  2. Data stability in the company