Final Expenses

Final Expenses,

What Does Final Expenses Mean?

The price of someone's death. These include, but are not limited to: funeral expenses, legal fees, bills or debts, mortgages, debts and taxes.

Literal Meanings of Final Expenses


Meanings of Final:
  1. The last game of a sports tournament or other match decided by the winner of the tournament.

  2. A series of exams at the end of the course.

  3. Important fashion note

  4. Last look at the plane landing on the runway.

  5. At the end of a series.

Sentences of Final
  1. The winner of the semi-final reached the departmental final to determine the winner.

  2. That ends the story

  3. He is often seen praising two possible outcomes and resolving the issue of "accent" at the last minute.

  4. The plane developed by Richards is in the final

  5. The final version of the report was presented.

Synonyms of Final

last, end, finishing, decider, endmost, ending, terminating, eventual, closing, ultimate, concluding, terminal, culminating, final match, final game


Meanings of Expenses:
  1. Compensation in respect of tax base (item of expenses)

  2. The price or need for something.

Sentences of Expenses
  1. Up to Rs 17,500 can be collected in capital expenditure this year

  2. Conference rooms are expensive

Synonyms of Expenses

price, cost