Final Cumulative Payslip

Final Cumulative Payslip,

Final Cumulative Payslip: What is the Meaning of Final Cumulative Payslip?

  1. In the United States, this is a statement of your last paycheck that lists your total income and taxes paid.

Literal Meanings of Final Cumulative Payslip


Meanings of Final:
  1. The final match of a sports tournament or other competition is decided by the winner of the tournament.

  2. A series of exams at the end of the course.

  3. Important fashion note

  4. Last look at the plane landing on the runway.

  5. At the end of a series.

Sentences of Final
  1. The winner of the semi-final reached the departmental final to determine the winner.

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Synonyms of Final

ending, final match, concluding, decider, eventual, final game, terminating, culminating, end, terminal, endmost, ultimate, finishing, closing, last


Meanings of Cumulative:
  1. Increase or increase the amount, degree or power by successive increments.

Sentences of Cumulative
  1. The overall effect of the two-year famine

Synonyms of Cumulative

growing, accumulative, increasing, accumulating, progressive, accruing, mounting, snowballing


Meanings of Payslip:
  1. A note given to an employee at the time of payment, detailing the payment of compensation, withholding of taxes and insurance.

Sentences of Payslip
  1. I have sent all kinds of documents: salary slip, my old passport, tax form, employers' letters.