Definition of Filtering:

  1. Pass (a liquid, gas, light, or sound) through a device to remove unwanted material.

  2. An arrangement whereby vehicles may turn left (or right) while other traffic waiting to go straight ahead or turn right (or left) is stopped by a red light.

  3. A porous device for removing impurities or solid particles from a liquid or gas passed through it.

  4. Move slowly in a specified direction.

  5. Selective presentation or deliberate manipulation of information to make it more acceptable or favorable to its recipient.

Synonyms of Filtering

Sieve, Strain, Sift, Filtrate, Riddle, Bolting, Clarification, Colature, Destructive distillation, Distillation, Edulcoration, Effusion, Elution, Elutriation, Essentialization, Excretion, Exfiltration, Extraction, Extravasation, Exudation, Filtration, Leaching, Lixiviation, Ooze, Oozing, Percolating, Percolation, Purification, Refinement, Riddling, Screening, Seep, Seepage, Separation, Sieving, Sifting, Spiritualization, Straining, Sublimation, Transudation, Weep, Weeping, Winnowing, Strainer, Sifter, Seep, Percolate, Leak, Trickle, Ooze, Dribble, Bleed, Flow

How to use Filtering in a sentence?

  1. The eye filters out ultraviolet radiation.
  2. An oil filter.
  3. The secretary was excellent at filtering her bosss emails due to his horrible grammar, bad attitude, improper spelling, and leaving points out.
  4. You need to have a good way of filtering in your factory to make sure everything you put out is pure.
  5. A filter lane.
  6. The players filtered out on to the pitch.
  7. It was soon revealed that the organization had been filtering the information that was leaked to the media, in order to save face in the midst of the scandal.

Meaning of Filtering & Filtering Definition