Filibertos Cat Meat

Filibertos Cat Meat

Do Filibertoes Use Dog Meat in Their Diet? ۔

I live in Arizona and wonder if Filbertos actually used dog meat. Do newspaper articles prove that?

I don't live in your state, so I don't know Filbertos. However, if the health department finds evidence that they are using cat or dog meat in their diet, they will be shut down. A restaurant in my former cat's meat. They claim that this is a special meal for their special customers. The health department stopped them immediately when they found cat meat while walking.

If this restaurant uses cat or dog meat and the health department picks it up, you will know because it will be in the news and newspapers, not just in the circle of friends like you. Everyone will know the details of who is responsible for where this happened, the health inspector found the wrong meat. If someone tells you that they know the restaurant uses dog meat because a friend or a friend of a friend said or saw it, don't believe it. It could be an urban myth.

At one point, they stopped eating dog and cat, according to reviews on Yelp. Now he says he only uses meat ... I don't know, but I will never eat there ...

Google it. no

Research shows that their meat is very bad, which makes people question the animal or its origin.

Filibertos Cat Meat