Filhote De Pavão

Filhote De Pavão

Cobbler stone filters?

He remembers after 6 months

Other information:

Peacock Pow Crustatus

Or peacocks or birds of Burma, Ceylon, Java, Malay and Congo. This bird did not migrate alone, which was presented by the hands of a meme, a very good fan. There is a story in the Bible, not the book of Kings, chapter 10, verse 22, where the first record of this bird appears. The Phoenicians made Moore's first import credit if they took him to the EO as the current Pharaoh of the Year. King Salem or rock gold like silver introduces roses to Alexander or Great (300 BC) or Greece. Hair from the Roman Empire and Apollosa, already in ■■■ XIV, is found in France, England and Germany. Water the lemons like a sacred bird, mostly smooth or watery in two countries. In tidal states, it means or is presented as a beautiful igona. It was clear that if they wanted to get attention in the party, some races would send me on duty. Eat or stand in front of a typical English dish. Muhammadans have the opportunity to peacock because according to the teachings of their religion, this bird guided the snake to the tree of knowledge in the garden of Adam. And according to his or her religious point of view, he lives in this plague. The peacock's passion is ■■■■■■■; very sharp and scaly and the birds, hair or pulling are usually called false and power.


The existence of change is not the Indian peacock, the result of which is either a hollow and shoulder peacock. Crossing a peacock as a result of blue birds in a beautiful earl


Mac Weight: 3,900 grams Female Weight: 3,300 grams Egg Weight: 103 grams Original maturity of Blue Peacock, Neck, Harley and Shoulders At the age of five hundred and fifty. Or smooth or owner, NCO, blue, green or gold with green and colorful feathers. Because the grain is very strong. There is dancing in his house, which is even more so or the color of the wings and its braille. Loves to sleep in traps. This treatment was acquired from the earliest days of its existence, but at one time there was one or two hunters. Like Aqeedah, like before Paviom, he is very sociable and loves his pedolo. Can be handled alone. However, if this is a new entry, not local. After that time, remove the mac and place the roots and water on the side of the Foura du Viero. After 15 days you can leave the woman and the couple, where you can live or want to own. Mack, in the time of the Acceleration, confined his territory to the Wave Brigade, we used base and sowing forts, very little to see the bloodshed. In general, you can grow peacocks in collective nurseries with V-fan fans. A mac can recharge if the number of 3 females exceeds the recommended N £ or  than, pea can reduce the hatch percentage. This is not the time to breed or go from September to January, when FEMA lays an average of 23 eggs after 28 to 30 days.


Peru can also be chased by chickens, chickens, and automated incubators. In this case, use a temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Breeders also choose 95 degrees Fahrenheit. A turkey, certified, a good mother. So much so that during the CCA era, when hunters attacked, there was a constant tendency to leave Onin and die. Features a beautiful peacock tail or number, depending on the purpose or decoration. It also helps during intercourse. Since we never let the birds separate, you can, because it will cause ■■■■■. Last January, they usually start and after 30 days they have all fallen. After a month of rest, new wings are born, which reach their full size at the next station or protrusion.

the meal:

Previously, it was considered a must-offer, including peacocks, fruits, cheese and exotic foods. Of course you want to get this treatment, but you need permanent protein, for this we, we recommend to provide chicken breeds in bulk or in pill form.

just a little .........................

1 to 60 60 to 120 days ........ growth

After 120 days .............. weight gain

Accepted from August to January

Restoration after January

For the first forty years of your life, you have food and drink reserves. I had to live in an area, protected from the cold and wind. Ideal temperature for incubator:

As Frustration 48 Generations ....................................... 38 Gray Càsi lsus

First week .................................... 36 degrees CÃÂ si lsus

Silk Week ............................................... 31 Gray C Gray © lcius

Third Week ...................................... 28 CÃÂ © lcius brown

You can include fruits and vegetables in your diet as supplements. Advice to feed flats in the first 14 days of life: Eggs are cooked like thorns for many years. Or it is important that we always have good quality feed, keep the cave clean and keep the mind dry and free from drafts.

Wormgating: Or use wormwood. It is very important during the rearing of peacocks. In most of the early months, the birds should be reared monthly after 8 months. Twice a year after vermigant.

Straight home:

The filter, when incubated in a growth room, should be kept in a dry, non-archaic floating chamber. There should be artificial heat supply through the field for gel or electricity. The ration cave and aa should be made of cast iron on the back or let it heat up if desired. Remember: extreme heat can dry out lemons. Reduce the presence of heat in the seed until it is filtered, without the need for heat, already in the back. From there, it can be placed in a room where it can receive sunlight. But it has to be collected and rained at night or occasionally. Always avoid dirty brains, but with moisture, two bacterial debris of the Fazim and NGO breeds, which, if our rocks are repaired, will ■■■■■■ airports. Peter Porter, you have to be a little protective


Or the ornamental bird market is huge and our current use of mobile stone (about a thousand birds per crop) is not enough for three months to fill it. After this period, we continue to buy birds raised by our own customers to serve this growing market. No root, but it requires something else. Still, or the Green Pavilion, which costs about 500 1, .00 and, and. Is and acqu© rare. کرتی Gets more, available, almost always, several pairs available. Because birds are only sold at home, they are 6 months old.

Was 4. All died with shortness of breath

Filhote De Pavão