Definition of Filed:

  1. A number of issues and responsibilities relating to a particular policy area.

  2. Place (a document) in a cabinet, box, or folder in a particular order.

  3. Status of a properly stored document or record.

  4. A folder or box for holding loose papers together and in order for easy reference.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Filed


Origin of word Filed

Old English fīl, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch vijl and German Feile.

Synonyms of Filed

Categorize, Classify, Organize, Put in place, Put in order, Order, Arrange, Catalogue, Tabulate, Index, Pigeonhole, Assorted, Booked, Cadastral, Cataloged, Classified, Documented, Down, Enrolled, Entered, Enumerated, Graded, Grouped, Hierarchic, Indexed, Inscribed, Inventorial, Itemized, Legal, Listed, Logged, Minuted, Of record, Official, On file, On record, On the books, Pigeonholed, Placed, Posted, Programmed, Pyramidal, Ranked, Rated, Recorded, Registered, Scheduled, Sorted, Stratified, Tabular, Tabulated, Tallied, Written down, Folder, Portfolio, Binder, Box, Document case

How to use Filed in a sentence?

  1. A file of correspondence.
  2. The contract, when signed, is filed.

Meaning of Filed & Filed Definition