Definition of File:

  1. Electronic: Organized collection of computer code stored under a name unique in its directory or folder. A file may contain a program, part of a program, or data such as text, graphics, spreadsheet, sound, video or a combination thereof. Each program and operating system has its own file storing scheme (called file format) that is normally incompatible with other such schemes.

  2. Place (a document) in a cabinet, box, or folder in a particular order for preservation and easy reference.

  3. A folder or box for holding loose papers that are typically arranged in a particular order for easy reference.

  4. Record keeping: Accumulation of related records or documents maintained as one physical unit (file folder) and commonly stored (filed) under a particular classification.

Origin of word File

Old English fīl, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch vijl and German Feile.

Synonyms of File

Indian file, KP, Ablate, Abrade, Abrase, Achievement, Aculeate, Acuminate, Alerion, Alphabetize, Aluminum oxide, Ammunition box, Analyze, Animal charge, Annulet, Apply for, Archives, Argent, Ark, Armorial bearings, Armory, Arms, Army, Army group, Arrange, Array, Articulation, Ask, Ask for, Assort, Attache case, Auto polish, Azure, Backpack, Bandeau, Bandolier, Bank, Bar, Bar sinister, Barb, Bark, Baton, Battalion, Battery, Battle group, Bearings, Beg leave, Bend, Bend sinister, Bespeak, Bibliography, Billet, Billfold, Bin, Blank, Blazon, Blazonry, Book, Boot, Bordure, Box, Break down, Briefcase, Brigade, Broad arrow, Bulletin board, Bundle away, Bunker, Buzz, Cache, Cadency mark, Cadre, Caisson, Calendar, Call for, Canister, Canton, Capsula, Capsule, Card, Card catalog, Cardcase, Carton, Carve, Case, Casket, Catalog, Catalog card, Catalogue raisonne, Categorize, Catena, Catenation, Cedar chest, Chafe, Chain, Chain reaction, Chaining, Chalk, Chalk up, Chancery, Chaplet, Charge, Check in, Chest, Chevron, Chief, Chirograph, Chronicle, Chronologize, Cigarette case, Cist, Class, Classified catalog, Classify, Coat of arms, Cockatrice, Codify, Coffer, Coffin, Cohort, Colcothar, Column, Combat command, Combat team, Compact, Company, Complete, Concatenation, Cone, Connection, Consecution, Continuum, Coronet, Corps, Corundum, Course, Crate, Crave, Crescent, Crest, Crib, Crocus, Cross, Cross moline, Crown, Cuspidate, Cut, Cycle, Data, Defile, Demand, Deposit, Descent, Desire, Detachment, Detail, Device, Difference, Differencing, Digest, Disc, Dispatch box, Divide, Division, Docket, Document, Documentation, Dossier, Drone, Eagle, Echelon, Edge, Emery, Emery board, Emery paper, Endless belt, Endless round, Engrave, Enroll, Enscroll, Enter, Enumerate, Envelope, Erase, Ermine, Ermines, Erminites, Erminois, Erode, Escutcheon, Etui, Falcon, Fess, Fess point, Field, Field army, Field train, File folder, File for, File off, Files, Filiation, Filing box, Filing card, Filing system, Fill out, Film, Finding list, Flanch, Fleur-de-lis, Flying column, Folder, Folio, Footslog, Form, Fray, Frazzle, Fret, Fur, Fusil, Gall, Gamut, Garland, Garnet, Garrison, Gnaw, Gnaw away, Go on parade, Goose-step, Gradation, Grade, Grate, Grave, Graze, Griffin, Grind, Group, Gules, Gyron, Handlist, Hatchment, Helmet, Heraldic device, Hike, Holograph, Holster, Hone, Honor point, Hope chest, Housewife, Hum, Hussy, Hutch, Impalement, Impaling, Impanel, Incise, Indent, Index, Index card, Inescutcheon, Information, Inscribe, Insert, Instrument, Inventory, Itemize, Jot down, Keep score, Kit, Kitchen police, Label, Lay away, Lay down, Lay in, Lay in store, Legal document, Legal instrument, Legal paper, Legion, Letter file, Library catalog, Line, Lineage, Lion, List, Lodge, Log, Lozenge, Magnetic tape, Make a memorandum, Make a note, Make a request, Make a requisition, Make an entry, Make application, Make out, Maniple, Mantling, March, March past, Mark down, Marshaling, Martlet, Mascle, Matriculate, Metal, Microcard, Microdot, Microfiche, Microfilm, Minute, Monotone, Monstrance, Motion-picture film, Motto, Mullet, Mush, Nail file, Nexus, Nombril point, Note, Note down, Octofoil, Official document, Oilstone, Or, Order, Ordinary, Organization, Organize, Orle, Ostensorium, Outfit, Pack away, Packet, Packing case, Pale, Paly, Paper, Papers, Parade, Parchment, Pean, Pendulum, Periodicity, Personal file, Phalanx, Pheon, Phonograph record, Pigeonhole, Pigeonholes, Pillbox, Place, Place upon record, Platoon, Platter, Plenum, Pod, Point, Polishes, Poll, Portfolio, Posse, Post, Post up, Powder box, Powder train, Program, Progression, Promenade, Pumice, Pumice stone, Purpure, Put away, Put down, Put in for, Put in order, Put in writing, Put on paper, Put on tape, Quarter, Quartering, Queue, Quiver, Rack, Range, Rank, Rasp, Rate, Raze, Record, Recurrence, Reduce to writing, Regiment, Register, Register office, Registry, Reliquary, Reposit, Request, Requisition, Reservoir, Reset, Reticulation, Roll, Rose, Rotation, Rottenstone, Rouge, Round, Routine, Row, Rub away, Rub off, Rub out, Run, Sable, Salt away, Salt down, Saltire, Sand, Sandblast, Sandpaper, Sarcophagus, Scabbard, Scale, Schedule, Score, Scoreboard, Scorecard, Scoresheet, Scour, Scrape, Scrip, Script, Scroll, Scrub, Scuff, Scutcheon, Section, Sequence, Series, Set, Set down, Sharpen, Sheath, Shield, Shoe polish, Silicon carbide, Silver polish, Single file, Skin, Skippet, Slip, Snuffbox, Socket, Sort, Spectacle case, Spectrum, Spiculate, Spread eagle, Spur, Squad, Squadron, Stash, Store, Store away, Stow, Stow away, Stow down, Strap, String, Strop, Subdivide, Submit, Subordinary, Succession, Swath, Systematize, Tabulate, Tactical unit, Take down, Tally, Tape, Tape-record, Taper, Task force, Tea chest, Tenne, Thread, Ticker tape, Tier, Till, Tincture, Tinderbox, Torse, Train, Tramp, Tressure, Troop, Type, Unicorn, Unit, Vair, Vanity case, Vasculum, Vert, Videotape, Walk, Wallet, Warehouse, Wax, Wear, Wear away, Whet, Whistle for, Windrow, Wing, Wish, Wreath, Writ, Write, Write down, Write in, Write out, Write up, Writing, Yale, Folder, Portfolio, Binder, Box, Document case, Categorize, Classify, Organize, Put in place, Put in order, Order, Arrange, Catalogue, Tabulate, Index, Pigeonhole

How to use File in a sentence?

  1. If you need to keep an important piece of data you should file it in a safe place that is easily accessible.
  2. Once a week we email a file to corporate so that they can gather work statistics to create better strategies for promoting more production in the company.
  3. A file of correspondence.
  4. The contract, when signed, is filed.
  5. You will need a good system to file all of your important information so that when you need it you can find it quickly.

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How Do You Define File?

  • File definition is: Submit the documents to the official custody of the Registrar / Administrator for inclusion in the file.

Meanings of File

  1. Easily store (documents) in cabinets, boxes or folders in a specific order for storage and reference.

  2. Folders or boxes for storing loose papers, usually arranged in a special order for ease of reference.

  3. (A group of people) go one after the other, usually in an orderly and solid manner.

  4. A series of people or things in an order.

  5. Smooth or format with file (something).

  6. A tool with a rough surface or surface, usually steel, is used to smooth or shape hard materials.

  7. Sliced ​​or powdered saffron leaves season and dense soup, especially okra.

Sentences of File

  1. Saved after signing the contract

  2. Mail files

  3. The mourners entered the church

  4. Curry soldiers descended from the plains one after the other.

  5. When I have nothing else to do, I put my nails in the trash

  6. It is possible to make necessary markings from files

  7. Similarly, during the last stage of cooking, powder chopped from dried sassafras leaves is also added to make the bhandi "chewed".

Synonyms of File

repository , directory , dossier , cabinet , charts , folder , furbish, census , notebook , procession, pass in formation, book , rub down, data , pigeonhole , list , smooth, burnish, record , convoy, case , buff, information


File means,

Submit a document in official custody of the Clerk / Court Administrator for filing.

Meanings of File

  1. Keep folders or boxes of loose papers together for easy reference.

  2. A set of questions and responsibilities related to a specific policy area.

  3. A series of people or things in a series.

  4. (One group of people) goes one after the other in a generally organized and serious manner.

  5. A tool with a rough surface or surface, usually steel, used to smooth or shape hard materials.

  6. Smooth or molded with files

  7. Chopped or powdered sassafras leaves for flavor and soups especially for thickening okra.

Sentences of File

  1. What progress has the Prime Minister made in Auto Enico?

  2. The contract will be saved after signing.

  3. Tourist lines fill the narrow streets of Mount St. Michel.

  4. Mourners enter the church.

  5. Never file your nails from the middle to the side.

Synonyms of File

walk in a queue, put on record, crocodile, walk in a line, caravan, proceed in a line, refine, shape, filing cabinet