File Sharing Apps: Know The Advantages and Disadvantages

Does your best file sharing app have any downside? Have you ever checked what kind of permissions you allowed to the app?

File sharing apps have the sole purpose of transmitting your data to another device such as videos, images, music, etc.

And if your file-sharing app asks permission to access your camera or your live location then you should consider uninstalling it right away.

Because this app has nothing to do with your camera or live location so it does not make sense.

However, there are other best file sharing apps too like SendKaro which is popular for its blazing-fast data transfer speed without the internet connection.

Let’s first understand more about the benefits of file sharing apps and their drawbacks.

File Sharing Apps: Advantages

1. Saves Time:

Before the file-sharing apps, Bluetooth was the option for transferring multimedia. It was taking a lot of time to complete the transfer.

Transferring your things with these file sharing apps reduces a lot of time when compared to Bluetooth.

This time can also be used to perform other activities that matter equally as far as the achievement of corporate goals is concerned.

2. Reduced Cost:

Since the organizations are not allowed to own the infrastructure that stores, exchanges and retains the records.

The sums of money that would otherwise have been used to set up and maintain this infrastructure have been made null and void.

Therefore, the running costs of the company are minimized.

3. Enhance Data Integrity:

The main benefit of these apps is it keeps the data safe because data is the most essential thing.

SendKaro offers the utmost security when accessing or sharing files from one device to another.

4. Convenience:

If we talk about the SendKaro app, then it makes it easy, convenient, and prompt to access the desired piece of data.

As a consequence, you will have more time to spend on other organizational duties and ultimately it will decrease your efforts, time, and energy.

File Sharing Apps: Disadvantages

However, there are some vulnerable file-sharing apps too that you should care about.

Here are some of the disadvantages that could be caused if you use such unpopular or illegitimate apps.

1. Your Privacy Could Be at Risk:

This is the obvious reason if you use the app that you downloaded other than the play store.

If you frequently transfer your documentation or any confidential file then you should not use any random app, you need a legit app like SendKaro, etc.

Because once your data has been leaked then it will be used against you or your organization.

2. No Certainties of Security:

There is no security guarantee for your data.

Using un-authorized apps can hinder your data. Downloading an app from an unknown source comes with a virus or worms that can directly attract your device.

3. Copyright Laws Breach:

It is the art of picking up the creative ideas of other people and making them one of their own.

This leads to many issues, including revenue loss arising from the sales of the plagiarized products, fines from the applicable regulatory authorities to those apprehended, and reduced consumer trust in the company as a whole.


Always download apps from a reliable source and most importantly use well known, that offer proper security, and do not ask for unwanted permissions.

You can consider SendKaro, it will take your file sharing experience to the next level.