Fighting In Korean

Fighting In Korean

Aha Korean words ... struggling with plzzz

Does anyone know how to spell in Korean?

Judge, I have this word in Korean

کیا ہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہاہا.

"!    • Â" ì ´ÃŒ ...!

Oh I'm waiting!

The wait is over for English wrestling, so some people think it's phased out in Korean (ÃŒÂôÃÂ…). But no, Koreans encourage you to wait

That means we, how can you do that, it's just like you. It is a form of encouragement that means both loneliness and struggle, but is generally considered an act! Ahh! Fight! Or fight! Ahh! I find it funny, when I get nervous during an audition it's very exciting, that's what I think

"Struggling not to speak in Korean"

But… ~ painting =) (if I'm not mistaken )

Then just ah  • ž • • „


Fighting In Korean