Definition of Field:

  1. An area on a flag with a single background color.

  2. Deal with (a difficult question, phone call, etc.).

  3. A system subject to two binary operations analogous to those for the multiplication and addition of real numbers, and having similar commutative and distributive laws.

  4. A particular branch of study or sphere of activity or interest.

  5. All the participants in a contest or sport.

  6. An area of study or interest.

  7. Send out (a team or individual) to play in a game.

  8. Carried out or working in the natural environment, rather than in a laboratory or office.

  9. The region in which a particular condition prevails, especially one in which a force or influence is effective regardless of the presence or absence of a material medium.

  10. An area of open land, especially one planted with crops or pasture, typically bounded by hedges or fences.

  11. A space or range within which objects are visible from a particular viewpoint or through a piece of apparatus.

  12. Play as a fielder.

Synonyms of Field

Put in the team, Send out, Play, Put up, Meadow, Pasture, Paddock, Green, Pen, Grassland, Pastureland, Sward, Area, Sphere, Area of activity, Discipline, Province, Department, Domain, Sector, Line, Branch, Subject, Speciality, Specialty, Specialization, Specialism, DMZ, Academic discipline, Academic specialty, Aceldama, Achievement, Acreage, Aerodrome, Agora, Air base, Airdrome, Airfield, Airport, Alerion, Ambit, Amphitheater, Ample scope, Animal charge, Annulet, Answer, Applicants, Applied science, Arable, Archery ground, Area, Arena, Argent, Armorial bearings, Armory, Arms, Art, Athletic field, Auditorium, Azure, Back, Backdrop, Background, Badminton court, Bag, Bailiwick, Bandeau, Bar, Bar sinister, Baseball field, Basketball court, Baton, Battle line, Battle site, Battlefield, Battleground, Bear garden, Bearings, Beat, Bend, Bend sinister, Billet, Billiard parlor, Blank check, Blazon, Blazonry, Block, Border, Borderland, Bordure, Bounds, Bowl, Bowling alley, Bowling green, Boxing ring, Breadth, Broad arrow, Bull ring, Cadency mark, Campus, Candidates, Canton, Canvas, Carte blanche, Catch, Champaign, Chaplet, Charge, Chevron, Chief, Cincture, Circle, Circuit, Circus, Classical education, Clearance, Clearing, Clos, Close, Coat of arms, Cockatrice, Cockpit, Coliseum, Colosseum, Combat area, Combat zone, Common, Compass, Competition, Competitor, Competitors, Concern, Confine, Confines, Container, Contender, Contestant, Continuum, Coop, Cope with, Core curriculum, Corn field, Coronet, Corrival, Course, Course of study, Court, Courtyard, Crescent, Crest, Cricket ground, Croft, Croquet ground, Croquet lawn, Cross, Cross moline, Crown, Cultivated land, Cup of tea, Curriculum, Curtilage, Deal with, Delimited field, Demesne, Department, Department of knowledge, Device, Diamond, Difference, Differencing, Dimension, Discipline, Distance, Division, Domain, Dominion, Eagle, Elbowroom, Elective, Emptiness, Empty space, Emulator, Enclave, Enclosure, Enemy line, Entrant, Ermine, Ermines, Erminites, Erminois, Escutcheon, Expanse, Expansion, Expertise, Extension, Extent, Fairway, Falcon, Fess, Fess point, Field of battle, Field of blood, Field of inquiry, Field of study, File, Firing line, Flanch, Fleur-de-lis, Floor, Fold, Football field, Forte, Forty, Forum, Free course, Free hand, Free play, Free scope, Fret, Front line, Full scope, Full swing, Fur, Fusil, Galactic space, Garland, General education, General studies, Glaciarium, Golf course, Golf links, Grassland, Green, Greensward, Gridiron, Griffin, Ground, Gules, Gym, Gymnasium, Gyron, Hall, Handle, Hatchment, Hayfield, Heliport, Helmet, Hemisphere, Heraldic device, Hinterland, Humanities, Ice rink, Impalement, Impaling, Inescutcheon, Infield, Infinite space, Interest, Interstellar space, Island, Judicial circuit, Jurisdiction, Killing ground, Kraal, Label, Land, Landing, Landing beach, Landing field, Latitude, Lawn, Lea, Leeway, Liberal arts, Limits, Line, Line of battle, Links, Lion, List, Lists, Locale, Long rope, Long suit, Lot, Lozenge, Main interest, Major, Maneuvering space, Manipulate, Manner, Mantling, March, Margin, Marketplace, Marshaling, Martlet, Mascle, Mat, Mead, Meadow, Measure, Metal, Metier, Milieu, Minor, Mise-en-scene, Motto, Mullet, Natural science, No holds barred, Nombril point, Nothingness, Octofoil, Ology, Open forum, Open space, Or, Orb, Orbit, Ordinary, Orle, Outer space, Outfield, Oval, Paddy, Palaestra, Pale, Paling, Paly, Parade ground, Parcel of land, Park, Pasture, Patch, Pean, Pen, Pet subject, Pheon, Pick up, Piece of land, Pit, Place, Plat, Platform, Play, Player, Playground, Playing field, Playroom, Plot, Plot of ground, Polo ground, Pool hall, Poolroom, Port, Possibilities, Precinct, Prize ring, Proportion, Proseminar, Province, Public square, Pure science, Purlieu, Purpure, Pursuit, Purview, Putting green, Quad, Quadrangle, Quadrivium, Quarter, Quartering, Racecourse, Racket court, Range, Reach, Real estate, Realm, Rear, Refresher course, Region, Reply to, Respond to, Retrieve, Return, Rice paddy, Ring, Rink, Rival, Room, Rope, Rose, Round, Sable, Saltire, Scene, Scene of action, Scenery, Science, Scientific education, Scope, Scutcheon, Sea room, Seat of war, Section, Seminar, Setting, Shambles, Shield, Site, Skating rink, Soccer field, Social science, Space, Spatial extension, Specialism, Speciality, Specialization, Specialty, Sphere, Spread, Spread eagle, Square, Squared circle, Squash court, Stadium, Stage, Stage set, Stage setting, Stop, Strength, Stretch, Strong point, Study, Style, Subdiscipline, Subject, Subordinary, Superficial extension, Surface, Sward, Sweep, Swing, Technical education, Technicality, Technicology, Technics, Technology, Tenne, Tennis court, Terrain, Territory, The field, The front, Theater, Theater of operations, Theater of war, Thing, Tilting ground, Tiltyard, Tincture, Toft, Tolerance, Torse, Track, Tract, Tressure, Trivium, Turf, Type, Unicorn, Vair, Vert, Vier, Vocation, Void, Walk, Way, Weakness, Wheat field, Wide berth, Wreath, Wrestling ring, Yale, Yard, Zone of communications, Deal with, Handle, Cope with, Answer, Reply to, Respond to, React to, Practical, Hands-on, Applied, Actual, Active, Experiential, Empirical, In the field, Non-theoretical, Competitors, Entrants, Competition, Runners, Scope, Range, Sweep, Reach, Extent, Purview

How to use Field in a sentence?

  1. One of Weils major achievements was his proof of the Riemann hypothesis for the congruence zeta functions of algebraic function fields.
  2. A high school that traditionally fielded mediocre teams.
  3. A wheat field.
  4. She has fielded five calls from salespeople.
  5. Fifty white stars on a blue field.
  6. First, he took his eyes off the ball while fielding at short leg, and failed to notice that Sarwan had lobbed an attempted pull over his right shoulder.
  7. The stars drift through this telescopes field of view.
  8. We talked to professionals in various fields.
  9. Field observations.
  10. This approach describes how electrons are influenced by the fields produced by others in the Fermi sea.
  11. He destroyed the rest of the field with a devastating injection of speed.

Meaning of Field & Field Definition