Field force

Field force,

Definition of Field force:

  1. (chiefly in science fiction) an invisible barrier of force.

  2. Salespeople who go out and sell in face-to-face meeting with prospects, and not primarily through telephone or internet.

How to use Field force in a sentence?

  1. The vacuum company had decided it would be best to designate a field force to get proper face time for their new inventory with their proposed clients.
  2. The company relied heavily on door to door salesman as integral part of their field force , which allowed the company to interact directly with the consumer and find out the needs of the customer by talking to them directly.
  3. Future land combat vehicles will deflect enemy shells with an electromagnetic force field.
  4. You should try and have the best field force that you can so that others will be able to close the deal every time.

Meaning of Field force & Field force Definition