Fiduciary Liability "follow-on" Claims

Fiduciary Liability "follow-on" Claims,

What is The Definition of Fiduciary Liability "follow-on" Claims?

401 (k) planning disputes (sometimes also called tag living claims) against company directors and officers are prosecuted in class action lawsuits against securities. Key Redemption claims that Enron Corporation's directors and officers, some of whom also serve as trustees for the company's 401 (k) retirement plans. The allegations in the case include allegations that the company's directors and officers deliberately made misleading statements about the prospects for Enron's shares, as well as allegations that the members of the scheme were unfair. Was excluded (ie prevented from selling its shares in Enron). Shares during a period when Enron's shares were worth less.

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Meanings of Fiduciary:
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  2. It's about trust, primarily the relationship between the trustworthy and the beneficiary.

Sentences of Fiduciary
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