Fictitious Grouping Law (FGL)

Fictitious Grouping Law (FGL),

What is Fictitious Grouping Law (FGL)?

  • Meaning of Fictitious Grouping Law (FGL): The law of fictitious associations prohibits the formation of groups for the sole purpose of insuring. FGL prohibits or restricts the sale of insurance to groups that do not have legal status as a group. Many states have laws that deal with unfair ways in buying or selling insurance. These laws, among other things, restrict the sale of insurance to groups without common property, interest or purpose. Because subsidiary insurance programs involve the purchase of insurance by one company for many separate and distinct companies, incorrect laws may limit, prevent, or restrict the use of balance sheets in certain areas. Such restrictions often appear in the section on unjust practices of insurance laws or in those parts of the law called ghost laws. For example, see the Idaho Code section. Section 41-1317.

    FICTIM Group

    (1) No insurer, whether licensed insurer or non-government insurer, a company, firm or association of individuals may submit a subscription form for property, loss or insurance coverage through a scheme, which Based on a fee or award. Rating, company, company or person. For the purposes of this section, a conceptual group is a group in which the members of the group do not have the same unhealthy interest in the insurance item and the insured risk or danger that is insured or should be insured.

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Meanings of Fictitious:
  1. It is not real or false, imaginary or invention.

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  1. He was found guilty of stealing thousands of tax dollars by hiring a fictitious salaried employee

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  1. A group of people who work together on the same interests or goals, especially in large organizations.

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  1. A group of Protestant churches

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  1. Tried to break the law

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