Fictitious Business Name Statement

Fictitious Business Name Statement,

How Do You Define Fictitious Business Name Statement?

Meaning of Fictitious Business Name Statement: A certificate issued by a state or local agency indicating who the real owners of the business or corporation are. This is a pseudonym when a company or individual uses the wrong name. It can also be called a trade name or trade name (DBA). For group health insurance purposes, this statement confirms the identity of the company applying for insurance with the health insurer.

Literal Meanings of Fictitious Business Name Statement


Meanings of Fictitious:
  1. It is not real or imagined, imagined or fabricated.

Sentences of Fictitious
  1. Convicted of stealing thousands of tax dollars by pretending to be an employee on your payroll

Synonyms of Fictitious

sham, fabricated, false, counterfeit, fake


Meanings of Business:
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  1. He will keep smiling a lot in his business

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