Fica Tax

Fica Tax,

How Do You Define Fica Tax?

Definition of Fica Tax: Income tax under the Federal Insurance Contribution Act. This payroll tax is used to fund health and social insurance.

Literal Meanings of Fica Tax


Meanings of Fica:
  1. Federal Insurance Contribution Act.


Meanings of Tax:
  1. Mandatory taxes imposed by the state, employees' income and company profits are taxed by the government, or some goods, services and transactions increase in value.

  2. One type or more demand.

  3. Tax (on something else)

  4. High demands (power or resources)

  5. Confront (someone) a crime or offense.

  6. Investigation and evaluation (file fee)

Sentences of Tax
  1. Fuel rate

  2. You will have to pay interest tax on your savings.

  3. Tax bill

  4. Tax refund

  5. It will replace the corporate income tax on the return on capital used by all businesses.

  6. In Kenya, all local governments have the power to levy taxes, including the right to levy property taxes.

  7. Therefore, income tax may be a crime, but other income is not taxable.

  8. Experimental results show that tax cuts generate revenue and incentives.

  9. In short, income tax was not actually a tax on wages or labor.

  10. Companies often discuss their tax liabilities in disputed transactions.

Synonyms of Tax

charge, pressure, make demands on, stress, drain, duty, load, condemn, imposition, encumbrance, censure, blame, exact a tax on, weigh down, denounce, call to account, assessment, charge duty on, impost, weight, strain, tariff, contribution, weigh heavily on, accuse, stretch, tribute, toll