Feta Cheese Pregnancy

Feta Cheese Pregnancy

Spinach and feta cake, pregnant, upset? 3

I was eating a big piece of spinach cake when I remembered that when I was pregnant I could not eat any special kind of cheese. I researched and found that feta cheese is not safe to use during pregnancy and may contain Listeria, which can lead to serious infections, possible miscarriages and / or mother and fetus. I'm really worried now. Should I go to the emergency room? Does anyone eat spinach cake during pregnancy? Okay fine? From now on, I will not eat anything unless I am convinced that it is safe.

do not worry. Listeria is made by pasteurization, which mainly consists of cooking it. Since it's already baked in the cake, you don't have to worry. I see it's good!

OK with the rest of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time of turmoil. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Feta cheese is one of them. I ate many times without harming my children. They also say you can't eat meat for lunch, and I ate too many sandwiches. I will stay away from things like sushi and alcohol during pregnancy. You and the baby are fine. If anything needs to be done, it is because you insist on eating feta, not feta, which is causing the problem. So relax girl = D pe, it calms you down.

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Feta Cheese Pregnancy

Feta Cheese Pregnancy

No need to go to the emergency room. You just have to wait. I really doubt that the cheese you eat contains listeria. Remember, it is not recommended to eat this type of cheese as it carries the risk of listeria. If you are affected by it, it will not last for 10 days. It doesn't make you sick right away.

You better be careful, but I won't worry too much. Don't do that.

Don't worry too much Feta cheese can be contaminated with Listeria (a bacterium that poisons food) and you should not eat it cold. If your cake then everything will be fine. You get sick very quickly from Listeria, so if you're not sick yet, you'll be fine.

I did the same. I bought a spinach feta muffin and gave you a cup when I found out that my doctor was telling me not to eat soft cheese ... Jay immediately tossed the spinach and cheese on the number. I googled it and searched for a pair. Spinach and feta cheese (definitely prego) and got it ... and I'm not alone with it ... thanks for the tiring advice ...

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Take a look at what I eat.

Feta Cheese Pregnancy