Definition of Fermentation:

  1. The anaerobic distribution of sugars and starch (carbohydrates) in organic matter (grains and fruits) in ethyl alcohol, carbon dioxide, methane, etc. by microorganisms such as bacteria and yeast (which contains enzymes). Penicillin, some vitamins (such as riboflavin and vitamin B12), soy sauce and yogurt are also fermentation products.

Synonyms of Fermentation

Saturization, Yeastiness, Chemicalization, Rout, Hurry-scurry, Turbulence, Moil, Ferment, Carbonation, Restlessness, Disquiet, Fizzle, Reduction, Unrest, Boil, Eddy, Ebullience, Inquietude, Leavening, Roil, Flutteration, Fizz, Maelstrom, Effervescence, Ebullition, Nitration, Bluster, Swirling, Upset, Acetification, Tumult, Disquietude, Effervescency, Commotion, Unease, Hurry, Tumultuation, Turbidity, Oxidization, Metamerization, Jumpiness, Hydrogenation, Polymerism, Pell-mell, Alkalization, Position isomerism, Bubbliness, Swirl, Catalysis, Nerviness, Fuss, Trepidation, Churn, Bubbling, To-do, Bobbery, Disorder, Flurry, Ebulliency, Ado, Uproar, Perturbation, Acescence, Frothiness, Spumescence, Excitement, Embroilment, Bustle, Conturbation, Sparkle, Vortex, Acidification, Electrolysis, Foaming, Feverishness, Row, Hurly-burly, Disturbance, Fume, Metamerism, Trepidity, Fever, Leaven, Feery-fary, Seethe, Discomposure, Foment, Stir, Twitter, Ruffle, Souring, Fluster, Oxidation, Hubbub, Agitation, Whirl, Malaise, Working, Brouhaha, Frothing, Isomerism, Flap, Jitters, Nervousness, Acidulation, Phosphatization, Polymerization, Seething, Turmoil, Fidgets, Nervosity, Boiling

How to use Fermentation in a sentence?

  1. Many Australian visitors are amazed at the complexity and slowness of the fermentation process.
  2. Bears and bees are affected by the yeast contamination of berries, and the effect of their food makes them behave as if they were intoxicated.
  3. The fermentation process is the most important step in the preparation of beer, without any disturbance that occurs during the process, what we know as beer will no longer exist.

Meaning of Fermentation & Fermentation Definition