Fender Bender

Fender Bender,

How Do You Define Fender Bender?

  • Fender Bender means, These are usually minor automated effects that do little or no damage to the property.

Literal Meanings of Fender Bender


Meanings of Fender:
  1. The caller or area around the car wheel altar.

  2. Plastic cylinders, tires, etc. Hang on to the side of the boat to avoid the effects.

  3. A metal frame in front of a locomotive or tram to erect barriers on cowboy tracks.

  4. A low frame to prevent falling coal that limits the chimney.

Sentences of Fender
  1. One of the headlight curves (in the bumper section at the top, with the door at the bottom, then at the top and at the back) and it is reminiscent of the classic roadster waist.

  2. When the ship leaves the dock, it is responsible for protecting the wings and storing the birth.

  3. There is also a large sign of another fender on the right side of the bus.

  4. Candles, fireplace shelves and beautifully designed furniture often use the same ingredients in different combinations.

Synonyms of Fender

safety guard, safety device, protective device, shield, bulwark, screen, fence, fender, bumper, buffer, cushion, pad


Meanings of Bender:
  1. Anything or person that is turning.

  2. Alcoholism

Synonyms of Bender

drinking bout, debauch