Fees Payable

Fees Payable,

What is The Definition of Fees Payable?

  • The definition of Fees Payable is: Expenses incurred but not yet paid.

Literal Meanings of Fees Payable


Sentences of Fees
  1. Others now offer discounts to consumers when they purchase software for their free online service.

Synonyms of Fees

allowance, recompense, reward, emolument, pay, stipend, payment, wage, salary, give payment to, handout, reimburse


Meanings of Payable:
  1. (Money) must be paid.

  2. You can submit.

  3. Inactive corporate debt

Sentences of Payable
  1. The amount owed is interest

  2. Payable Account (excluding Customer Payment and Payable Account)

Synonyms of Payable

owed, owing, to be paid, due