Fees & Charges

Fees & Charges,

Fees & Charges Definition:

These elements refer to the unit cost of participating in UCITS. This scenario shows: if it is closed fund, cost input, cost output, cost ratio, 5 year rate, phone switch option.


Literal Meanings of Fees & Charges


Meanings of Fees:
  1. Pay (someone) for a service.

  2. Payment to professional or professional bodies or the public in exchange for advice or services.

  3. A country's domain, especially under feudal terms of service.

Sentences of Fees
  1. Others are offering discounts on the purchase of software for their free online service, which is now ongoing.

  2. They have to pay 3,000 in legal fees

Synonyms of Fees

emolument, reward, handout, allowance, reimburse, stipend, pay, recompense, give payment to, salary, payment, wage


Meanings of Charges:
  1. The price of a service or trade, such as demand.

  2. Formally accusing (someone) of something, especially a violation of the law.

  3. Assign someone tasks such as duties or responsibilities.

  4. Stores electrical energy in (batteries or battery-powered devices)

  5. Proceed while attacking.

  6. Apply heraldic pads on it.

  7. Sale price of goods or services.

  8. The indictment, usually formally against a prisoner, is presented in court.

  9. Responsibility for someone's care or control or anything.

  10. Properties of substances responsible for electrical phenomena that exist in a positive or negative way.

  11. The amount of explosives that must be detonated to meet a firearm.

  12. Storm racing, usually in attack.

  13. A device or shed placed on a mark or ridge.

Sentences of Charges
  1. Wedding planners can charge up to £ 150 an hour

  2. He was charged with ■■■■■■■

  3. The committee was tasked with reshaping the education system.

  4. Shaver can be used for carrying and walking

  5. The plan is to attack the enemy

  6. Silver Cross Glass Banner

  7. Our standard price for a letter is £ 25

  8. Appeared in court for attempted murder

  9. Responsible people are students, not guinea pigs

  10. Water molecules are not only attracted to each other but also have positive or negative charges towards any molecule.

  11. A small charge is generated on a 3 minute hand operated fuse

  12. Equestrian attack

Synonyms of Charges

round, imputation, control, supervision, fix a price, foray, onrush, badge, throw oneself, ask in payment, plough, thrust, impose, ask, figure, fare, toll, attack, heraldic device, handling, lunge

Fees & Charges,

How To Define Fees & Charges?

These elements relate to mutual costs and actions. This display shows: if closed, cost of sale, exit costs, cost ratio, 5 year cost, tire sw option.

Literal Meanings of Fees & Charges


Meanings of Fees:
  1. Payment to professionals or professional bodies or the public in exchange for advice or services.

Sentences of Fees
  1. قانونی 3,000 legal fee

Synonyms of Fees

remuneration, cost, charge, commission, sum, percentage, dues, rate, tariff, consideration, honorarium, amount, earnings


Meanings of Charges:
  1. Demand (quantity) as the price of the service or goods delivered.

  2. Advanced in attack.

  3. To keep the Heraldic staff.

  4. Charges that are usually formally filed against a detainee during a trial.

  5. Flying forward, usually attacking.

Sentences of Charges
  1. He was accused of ■■■■■■■

  2. Filled with Silver Standard Glass Cross.

  3. Appeared in court on charges of attempted murder

  4. A small charge is levied on a three-minute hand-operated fuse.

Synonyms of Charges

outlay, impeach for, encumber, impeachment, hands, expense, raid, incrimination, indict for, invasion, expenditure, move quickly, tariff, blame for, fee, auspices, swoop, beef, amount, dive, onset, citation, protection, trusteeship, blitzkrieg, offensive