Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve,

How Do You Define Federal Reserve?

  • The US Federal Reserve, which is responsible for interest rates, keeps employment rates as high as possible and controls inflation.

  • The Fed plays a key role in shaping national monetary policy. It is the central bank of the United States. In 1913, central control of the financial system was introduced to mitigate and mitigate the possibility of a financial crisis. Great Depression, like other crises, increased its responsibilities and role.

Literal Meanings of Federal Reserve


Meanings of Federal:
  1. Refers to a system of ownership or government in which several states form a single entity but remain independent in internal affairs.

Sentences of Federal
  1. Agreement of the Russian Federation that divides power between the Russian federal and local governments


Meanings of Reserve:
  1. Avoid using (or throwing away) anything to keep for future use.

  2. Supply of products that are not necessary for immediate use, but are available when needed.

  3. A force or corps that is kept away from fighting to strengthen or protect others, or is available in the regular armed forces as well as in emergencies.

  4. An additional player who is a potential substitute in the team.

  5. A place is reserved for a specific purpose.

  6. Lack of harmony or openness in etiquette or expression.

  7. Minimum price summary

  8. (Ceramic or textile decoration) An area that still retains the original material color or background color.

Sentences of Reserve
  1. Roll out half the dough and keep the other half.

  2. Australia has significant reserves of coal, gas and uranium

  3. These people are housed in a reservation center and can be taken anywhere.

  4. I am a substitute bitch for the World Cup team

  5. There were some areas where land was allotted, but now it was used for various purposes.

  6. He smiled and some of his reserves melted

  7. No bookings were made, although the pub is expected to auction on November 8. More than 3.5 million.

  8. Father Motif, the reserve motif on a black background, was probably first made in the Tunbridge cutlery industry.

Synonyms of Reserve

emergency, put to one side, replacement, stock, fallback, supplementaries, fresh troops, stand-in, reservoir, store, relief, keep back, supply, self-containment, put aside, reticence, bank, reserves, additional police, restraint, lay aside, set aside, stockpile