Definition of Feckless:

  1. Having no purpose or worth. After a long period of growth and inward reflection, Amy went from a feckless human being who put no effort into anything to someone who owned her own Fortune 500 company..

  2. Lacking initiative or strength of character; irresponsible.

Synonyms of Feckless

Useless, Worthless, Incompetent, Inefficient, Inept, Good-for-nothing, Neer-do-well, Aimless, Barren, Bootless, Carefree, Careless, Counterproductive, Easygoing, Effete, Empty, Etiolated, Fatuitous, Fatuous, Fruitless, Fustian, Futile, Good-for-nothing, Grasshopper, Happy-go-lucky, Heedless, Impotent, Improvident, Inadequate, Inadvertent, Inane, Incautious, Ineffective, Ineffectual, Inefficacious, Inoperative, Invalid, Irresponsible, Lackadaisical, Meaningless, Negligent, No go, Nonchalant, Nugacious, Nugatory, Of no force, Of no use, Pointless, Purposeless, Reckless, Remiss, Shiftless, Sterile, Superfluous, Thoughtless, Thriftless, Unavailing, Uncaring, Undependable, Uneconomical, Unheeding, Unproviding, Unpurposed, Unreflective, Unreliable, Unthinking, Unthrifty, Untrustworthy, Useless, Vain, Wild, Worthless, Wrecking

How to use Feckless in a sentence?

  1. A feckless mamas boy.

Meaning of Feckless & Feckless Definition