Feb 2 Zodiac

Feb 2 Zodiac

Which sign is February 2 ??????????? ۔


My former RT day. Aquarium


Feb 2 Zodiac

Feb 2 Zodiac

The symbol of February 2 is Aquarius.

I love the aquarium !!!

The symbol of Aquarius is the water bearer, a universal man who pours water from a vessel. This universal man represents the human community. The water of life flows like a thought from a crazy mind. Many people mistakenly think of Aquarius as a water sign, but it is an intellectual wind sign. As a result, Aquarius may be attracted to ideas and thoughts. Due to its universal nature, Aquarius seems a bit detached from personal emotions. It's not that Aquarius doesn't have emotions, it's just that you are different from most people. You dance to the beat of other Democrats.

As long as you stay on the mental plane, Aquarius can be a good coordinator. Aquarius is friendly, but it can make it difficult for you to talk about your feelings. In fact, you care deeply about your friends, and Aquarius can join like-minded social clubs, political action groups, or public service groups.

The slogan of Aquarius could be Einstein. Great minds often face strong opposition from ordinary minds. And your ideas are big ideas, sometimes unexpected and sometimes brilliant. You know a lot about yourself and the world, but knowing all this can be an obstacle to your happiness. Your workout is divided into two parts. First, you need to learn to separate your crazy thoughts from the important ones. Second, you need to learn to respond to rejection without difficulty.

Element: wind.

The astronomical element of air means motion. And the most effective movement between two points is usually a tug. The signs of the wind are thoughtful. They emphasize intelligence more than any other function. With an active mind and good language skills, airborne communications are created. They may be as light and airy as the breath of spring, but their words can also have the power of a storm.

Aquarius wind can be like wind after lightning. In such a storm, a lot of wind suddenly blows out and those who survive with this intensity enjoy the peace after the storm.

Eleventh use: the future.

The eleventh use is sometimes called the use of friends, nightmares and dreams. Friends will support our dreams for the future. Here, on the eleventh mission, we do not take care of our daily affairs. Instead, we think of our ideal situation and dream of a way to get there. Whether we do it or not is less important than keeping dreams alive.

Key planet: ur

Yours is the strangest planet in the solar system. Its north pole is parallel to the sun and its moons revolve around it. Thus, Ur symbolizes the unique and unique things in our lives. It combines brilliantly, even when stored. And, like lightning, Ur can release the hidden tension suddenly and very quickly. In fact, when our lives are turned upside down, overeating is often the cause of astrology. As the key planet of Aquarius, it encourages us to rebel against social injustice and freedom of expression in our lives.

Aquarius' greatest strength: its versatile point of view.

Potential Weakness of Aquarius: Knowledge prevents others.

Drink helpful

Hey, this is my day! Earth Day! That will be the acquisitions.

Yes, this is Aquarius:

Water supplier

January 21 to February 19.


Water properties

Friendly and humane

The nest is loyal.

Oral and innovative

Free and intelligent.

On the dark side ...

Disciplined and contradictory.

Opposite and unexpected

Emotional and distant

Aquarium direction:

Basically, Axis has a strong and attractive personality. They are divided into two main categories: a shy, sensitive, gentle and patient; Others are passionate, dynamic and passionate, sometimes hiding the depths of their character under the guise of lack of seriousness. These two types are determined and coerced in different ways and have strong beliefs, because when they seek the truth about everything, they are often so attached to changing their minds, here Until the evidence comes to light, they stick to it. . They were deceived. They have a broad perspective that combines rsc factors and can look at both arguments without questioning which direction to choose. Therefore, they are neutral and tolerant of other approaches. This is because they can see the validity of the argument even if they do not accept it themselves. They are committed to the Quaker expression of being open to the truth by any means and are willing to learn from anyone.

Both types are humane, open, serious, subtle, sometimes subtle and ideal, although the latter are practically fake. Lively, dynamic and selflessly silent, they are sensitive, safe and sometimes with a dry sense.

They are almost always smart, comprehensive, clear and logical. Many people are very imaginative and psychologically intuitive, which is why psychologists see the next age of Aquarius as the age in which humanity will experience a great spiritual awakening. Philosophical and spiritual tendencies may be troubled here as they may take the subject to the existence of the ivory tower, considering abstractions that have nothing to do with life. On the other hand, it can help many scientifically interested parties to engage in AQV's struggle for the universal recognition of human brothers and to conduct scientific research to understand their humanitarian views for the benefit of humanity. When affected by such a thing or work, they are able to engage in such a way that they exhaust themselves and even endanger their health.

Both types sometimes have to withdraw from the world and become temporarily isolated. They appreciate the opportunity to meditate or step back if they are religious. Even in society they are very free and want to follow the crowd. They don't like other people's interference, no matter what their intentions are, and just accept it in their own way. They generally have a good taste in theater, music and the arts, and the arts are especially good in the theater.

Because of their often attractive, open and sociable personalities and their desire to help humanity, none of these friends are easy to find. Sometimes they appear to do good to others and make little effort to retain the knowledge of those who are not particularly interested in them.

They don't give up easily, maybe their human judgment is too good for them, and sometimes they feel cold. But once they decide that someone deserves their friendship or love, they can give them an almost hypnotic and strong spiritual boost and they become stubborn friends or lovers who sacrifice anything for them. Ready to do For life, however, they are sometimes emotionally frustrated because, because of their lofty personal goals, they demand more from others than is reasonable. And when they are deceived, their anger is terrible. If they are disappointed, they will not be forgiven.

They work best on group projects as long as they have the assigned leadership role. They have a sense of oneness with nature and a desire for knowledge and truth that makes them admirable scientists, especially astronomers and natural historians. You can specialize in everything related to imaging technology, radiography, electronics, electrical and radio industry, aviation and technical. Towards humanity and humanity, their progressive tendencies can be expressed in writing, especially in poetry and radio, or as social workers and teachers. There are some talented artists and good actors (who are capable of copying) and musicians. Priests have the gift of healing, especially to heal the mentally ill.

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Feb 2 Zodiac