Definition of Favoritism:

  1. Preferential treatment of another person or group in the same unit with an individual or group of people, such as B. Classroom, social group or workplace. Bookmarks have a negative effect on work ethic and can be illegal in some cases, especially if the treatment is based on racial preference or in exchange for sexuality.

  2. The practice of giving one person or group more unfair preference than another.

Synonyms of Favoritism

Undetachment, Bias, Proclivity, One-sidedness, Predilection, Prejudgment, Inclination, One-sidedness, Leaning, Unfairness, Interest, Favour, Partisanship, Partisanism, Preference, Preconception, Special treatment, Preferment, Involvement, Bias, Undispassionateness, Inequality, Positive discrimination, Prejudice, Jaundiced eye, Unfair preference, Parti pris, Inequality, Partiality, Jaundice, Preference, Reverse discrimination, Predisposition, Partialism, Partisanship, Prejudice, Preferential treatment, Inequity, Twist, Unneutrality, Preferential treatment, Nepotism, Discrimination, Partiality, Forejudgment, Discrimination, Bent, Prepossession

How to use Favoritism in a sentence?

  1. It seems that any ordinary officer is treated with privilege and unfairness.

Meaning of Favoritism & Favoritism Definition