Definition of Fault:

  1. (Rock formation) was damaged by mistake or error.

  2. Defects that can cause component or system malfunctions. Intermittent errors are temporary errors that persist after occurrence and are permanent errors.

  3. Prolonged fracture of the rocky body, characterized by the relative displacement and closure of layers on each side of a particular surface.

  4. Unpleasant or unsatisfactory qualities, especially in a person's work or character.

  5. Responsibility in case of accident or misfortune.

  6. Criticizing failures or mistakes.

Synonyms of Fault

Besetting sin, Vice, Blame, Call to account, Kloof, Defect, Pass, Misapplication, Boo-boo, Slit, Infirmity, Wale, To blame, Seam, Distortion, Deformity, Howler, Guilty, Arroyo, Transgression, Indiscretion, Excessively, ■■■■■■■■■■, Misdeal, Couloir, Sinfulness, Ravine, Aberration, Cleuch, Miscalculation, Frailty, Scratch, Faute, Deadly sin, Needle scar, Typographical error, Crater, Dereliction, Moat, Drawback, Misprint, Limitation, Pick at, Censure, Misunderstanding, Misapprehension, Answerable, Fallibility, Misfeasance, Aberrancy, Liable, Port-wine mark, Foible, Clerical error, Corrigendum, ■■■■, Bleb, Slot, Crime against humanity, Disfigurement, Gaucherie, Rent, Gaffe, Taint, Heterodoxy, Extremely, Weakness, Clough, Scissure, Blameworthy, Nullah, Little problem, Outrage, Injury, Untruthfulness, Sin of commission, Pit, Gorge, Immoderately, Crevice, Responsibility, Evil, Defile, Defacement, Find lacking, Valley, Furrow, Misdeed, Goof, Tort, Warp, Catch, Errancy, Imperfection, Col, Typo, Inadequacy, Hemangioma, Break, Pimple, Sinful act, Check, Disproportionately, Gap, Failing, Slip, Flawedness, Knock, Chasm, Pick on, Irrationally, Blemish, Error, Trip, ■■■■, Weakness, Accuse, Misjudgment, Blackhead, Misstatement, Fuss, Accountable, Iniquity, Keloid, Find fault, Milium, Vesicle, Defection, Misuse, Wrongness, Minor wrong, Chimney, Onus, Unutterable sin, Excavation, Birthmark, Track, ■■■■■, Comedo, Chap, Delinquency, Nevus, Untruth, Cwm, Crack, Blunder, Misdemeanor, Culpability, Abyss, Deficiency, Welt, Failure, Leak, Self-contradiction, Cranny, Sebaceous cyst, Misquotation, Deficiency, Misbehavior, Scar, Misconduct, Infirmity, Wrong, Ditch, Foible, Find fault with, Rime, Abysm, Bad habit, Weak point, Opening, Unduly, Responsible, Peccadillo, Scab, Malefaction, Craze, Guilt, Sin, Verruca, ■■■■■■, Peccancy, Miss, Delusion, Fissure, Guilt, Trench, Take exception to, Failing, Venial sin, Blister, Felony, Misidentification, Freckle, Twist, Flaw, Weak spot, Blameworthiness, Demerit, Offense, Liability, Culpability, Lapse, Something missing, Miscount, Unorthodoxy, Liability, Box canyon, Shortcoming, Wadi, Whitehead, Split, Impugn, Strawberry mark, Crevasse, Cut, Port-wine stain, Shortcoming, Rift, Misinterpretation, Deviancy, Pockmark, Lentigo, Human error, Omission, Erroneousness, Responsibility, At fault, Bulla, In the extreme, Illusion, Wart, Malum, Snag, Oversight, Frailty, Guilty act, Injustice, Donga, Weak link, Sty, Malfeasance, Misconstruction, Cavity, Gulch, Answerability, Erratum, Defectiveness, Coulee, Falseness, Call into question, Bug, Wen, Sin of omission, Faux pas, Passage, Cicatrix, Unreasonably, Groove, Hole, Draw, ■■■■, Weak side, Culpable, Trespass, Void, Overly, Pustule, ■■■■■, Misdoing, Atrocity, Genocide, Vulnerable place, Canyon, ■■■■, Dell, Fallacy, Heavy sin, Falsity, Weal, Criticize, Misconception, Fault, Miscarriage, Hamartia, Moral flaw, Notch, Pock, Nonfeasance, Accountability, Misplay, To a fault, Misreport, Cleft, Crime, Carp at, Disfiguration, Enormity, Exceedingly, Mortal sin, Inexpiable sin, Impropriety, Mole, Rupture, Hickey, Gape, Mistake, Heresy, Incision, Flume, Breach, Gully, Inadequacy, Weak point, Flaw, Fracture, Gulf, Problem, Fallaciousness, Untrueness, Deformation, ■■■■■, Faultiness

How to use Fault in a sentence?

  1. It is your fault that he dies.
  2. My worst mistake was impatience.
  3. Cracked valleys where the crust spread and changed shape.
  4. A vision that pointed out many mistakes.
  5. His colleagues and senior officials could not be reached for comment.

Meaning of Fault & Fault Definition

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