Definition of Fatigue:

  1. Weaken (a material, especially metal) by repeated variations of stress.

  2. Metal: Phenomenon by which a material may fracture under cyclic stresses, even by those below its ultimate breaking strength (called tensile strength). Metal fatigue is one of the most common forms of failure of material under repeated and reversed stresses. See also fatigue strength.

  3. Weakness in materials, especially metal, caused by repeated variations of stress.

  4. Extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness.

  5. Cause (someone) to feel tired or exhausted.

  6. Menial non-military tasks performed by a soldier, sometimes as a punishment.

  7. Loose-fitting clothing, typically khaki, olive drab, or camouflaged, worn by soldiers.

  8. Human: Physiological and/or psychological state characterized by diminished capacity to perform, and usually accompanied by a feeling of tiredness. It normally results from exertion beyond ones normal ability, but may also be caused or aggravated by ill health, physical and emotional aspects of the work environment, worries, or mental conflict.

Synonyms of Fatigue

Menial work, Drudgery, Chores, Donkey work, Khakis, Camouflage clothing, Camouflage gear, Tire, Tire out, Exhaust, Wear out, Drain, Make weary, Weary, Wash out, Tax, Overtax, Overtire, Jade, Make sleepy, Abatement, Abscess, Acedia, Adynamia, Ague, Anemia, Ankylosis, Annoy, Anoxia, Apathy, Apnea, Asphyxiation, Asthma, Ataxia, Atony, Atrophy, Attenuation, Attrition, Backache, Be infinitely repetitive, Be tedious, Beat, Blah feeling, Bleeding, Blennorhea, Bloodlessness, Blow, Blunting, Boredom, Bother, Break down, Burn out, Cachexia, Cachexy, Chill, Chills, Colic, Collapse, Constipation, Convulsion, Coughing, Cowardice, Crack up, Cyanosis, Damping, Deadening, Debilitate, Debilitation, Debility, Deplete, Devitalization, Diarrhea, Dilution, Dirty work, Disable, Dizziness, Do in, Do up, Donkeywork, Drag on, Drain, Droop, Drop, Dropsy, Drowsiness, Drudgery, Dulling, Dullness, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, Dyspnea, Edema, Effemination, Emaciation, Employment, Enervate, Enervation, Enfeeblement, Ennui, Etiolation, Evisceration, Exhaust, Exhaustion, Extenuation, Fag, Fag out, Faint, Fainting, Faintness, Feebleness, Fever, Fibrillation, Flabbiness, Flaccidity, Flag, Flux, Frazzle, Gasp, Get tired, Give out, Glut, Go on forever, Grind, Grow weary, Growth, Handiwork, Handwork, Harass, Heaviness, Hebetude, Hemorrhage, High blood pressure, Hydrops, Hypertension, Hypotension, Icterus, Impotence, Inanimation, Inanition, Indifference, Indigestion, Industry, Inflammation, Insomnia, Irk, Itching, Jade, Jadedness, Jaundice, Knock out, Knock up, Labor, Labored breathing, Lackadaisicalness, Languidness, Languishment, Languor, Languorousness, Lassitude, Lenitude, Lentor, Lethargy, Lick, Lick of work, Lifelessness, Listlessness, Low blood pressure, Lumbago, Manual labor, Marasmus, Mitigation, Moil, Nasal discharge, Nausea, Necrosis, Oscitancy, Overfatigue, Overstrain, Overtire, Overweary, Pain, Pall, Pant, Paralysis, Passivity, Peter out, Phlegm, Play out, Poop, Poop out, Prostrate, Prostration, Pruritus, Puff, Puff and blow, Rash, Rat race, Reduction, Relaxation, Rheum, Run down, Run out, Satedness, Satiate, Sclerosis, Scut work, Seizure, Shock, Sink, Skin eruption, Slackening, Slavery, Sleepiness, Sloth, Slothfulness, Slowness, Sluggishness, Sneezing, Softening, Softness, Somnolence, Sore, Spadework, Spasm, Strengthlessness, Stroke, Stroke of work, Stupefaction, Stupor, Succumb, Supineness, Sweat, Tabes, Tachycardia, Task, Thinning, Tire, Tire out, Tire to death, Tiredness, Tiresome work, Toil, Torpidity, Torpidness, Torpitude, Torpor, Travail, Treadmill, Tucker, Tumor, Upset stomach, Use up, Vertigo, Vex, Vomiting, Wasting, Weaken, Weakening, Weakliness, Weakness, Wear, Wear down, Wear on, Wear out, Weariness, Weary, Wheeze, Wilt, Wind, Work, World-weariness, Tiredness, Weariness, Exhaustion, Overtiredness

How to use Fatigue in a sentence?

  1. After waiting tables for six hours, picking up her son from daycare, and arguing with her brother over the phone, Tammy felt a great deal of fatigue .
  2. Metal fatigue.
  3. They were fatigued by their journey.
  4. After doing a spin class, a kick boxing class, a yoga class and going for a mile run fatigue set in.
  5. Battle fatigues.
  6. The nails have become rusted through or fatigued.
  7. The combination of jet lag and rich food added to the weary tourists fatigue , and all he wanted now was a nap.
  8. He was nearly dead with fatigue.

Meaning of Fatigue & Fatigue Definition

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