Definition of Fathom:

  1. Understand (a difficult problem or an enigmatic person) after much thought.

  2. Traditional nautical unit of depth of the sea and the length of cables and ropes, equal to 6 feet or about 1.83 meters.

  3. Measure the depth of (water).

  4. A unit of length equal to six feet (approximately 1.8 m), chiefly used in reference to the depth of water.

Synonyms of Fathom

Measure the depth of, Sound, Plumb, Probe, Absorb, Answer, Appraise, Appreciate, Apprehend, Ascertain, Assay, Assess, Assimilate, Be acquainted with, Be apprised of, Be aware of, Be cognizant of, Be conscious of, Be conversant with, Be informed, Be with one, Bottom, Calculate, Calibrate, Caliper, Cast the lead, Catch, Catch on, Check a parameter, Clear up, Cognize, Comprehend, Compute, Conceive, Conceptualize, Crack, Debug, Decipher, Decode, Delve into, Determine, Dial, Dig, Dig into, Digest, Discern, Disentangle, Divide, Divine, Do, Dope, Dope out, Estimate, Evaluate, Explain, Explore, Figure out, Find out, Find the answer, Find the solution, Follow, Gauge, Get, Get hold of, Get right, Get the drift, Get the idea, Get the picture, Go into, Graduate, Grasp, Guess, Guess right, Have, Have information about, Have it, Have it taped, Have knowledge of, Hit it, Indagate, Interpret, Investigate, Ken, Know, Learn, Look into, Make a sounding, Make out, Master, Measure, Mensurate, Mete, Meter, Open the lock, Pace, Peer into, Penetrate, Perceive, Pierce, Plumb, Plumb the depths, Plumb-line, Poke into, Possess, Prehend, Prize, Probe, Pry into, Psych, Psych out, Puzzle out, Quantify, Quantize, Rate, Ravel, Ravel out, Read, Realize, Recognize, Resolve, Riddle, Savvy, Search into, Search out, See, Seize, Seize the meaning, Sense, Sift, Size, Size up, Sling the lead, Solve, Sort out, Sound, Span, Step, Survey, Take, Take a reading, Take in, Take soundings, Triangulate, Understand, Undo, Unlock, Unravel, Unriddle, Unscramble, Untangle, Untwist, Unweave, Valuate, Value, Weigh, Work, Work out, Wot, Wot of, Understand, Comprehend, Work out, Fathom out, Make sense of, Grasp, Catch, Follow, Perceive, Make out, Penetrate, Divine, Search out, Ferret out, Puzzle out, Take in, Assimilate, Absorb, Get to the bottom of

How to use Fathom in a sentence?

  1. An attempt to fathom the ocean.
  2. He couldnt fathom why she was being so anxious.
  3. Sonar says that were in eighteen fathoms.

Meaning of Fathom & Fathom Definition