Fat cat

Fat cat,

Definition of Fat cat:

  1. The term fat cat conjures up the image of cats that consume more than an appropriate amount of food and become grossly overweight.

  2. Rich or affluent individual.

  3. Political terminology used to describe a wealthy campaign donor.

  4. A wealthy and powerful person, typically one involved in business or politics.

  5. The term "fat cat" is a slang description of executives who earn what many believe to be unreasonably high salaries and bonuses. These top executives also receive generous pensions and retirement packages consisting of extra compensation not available to other company employees.

Synonyms of Fat cat

Celebrity, Famous person, Very important person, Personality, Name, Big name, Famous name, Household name, Star, Superstar, Celebutante, Leading light, Mogul, Giant, Great, Master, King, Guru, Daddy Warbucks, Big cheese, Big chief, Big shot, Big-timer, Billionaire, Bloated plutocrat, Capitalist, Heavyweight, Man of means, Man of substance, Man of wealth, Millionaire, Moneybags, Moneyed man, Muck, Mugwump, Multimillionaire, Nabob, Parvenu, Plutocrat, Rich man, Richling, Warm man, Wealthy man

How to use Fat cat in a sentence?

  1. Despite being criticized by the public at times, "fat cats" often have a large amount of influence due to their spending power and ability to donate to political causes and candidates.
  2. Examples of "fat cats" include tycoons and robber-barons of the past, but also contemporary CEOs and corporate directors.
  3. A "fat cat" is slang for a wealthy executive who lavishly accumulates excess wealth beyond what ordinary people view as fair compensation.

Meaning of Fat cat & Fat cat Definition

Fat Cat,

How Do You Define Fat Cat?

Fat Cat means: Wealthy people who live on investments or profits, or CEOs of big companies or organizations who deserve huge salaries, big pensions, etc.

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Meanings of Fat:
  1. Natural fats or oils are found in animal bodies, mainly when they accumulate under the skin or in layers around certain organs.

  2. (From people or animals) which contains a lot of meat.

  3. Weigh or weigh.

Sentences of Fat
  1. These changes should allow for accurate reading of the procedure, which is not affected by skin color or body fat.

  2. The driver was a fat and funny man

  3. Many black cows are gaining weight here

Synonyms of Fat

fatty tissue, fat cells, blubber, adipose tissue, plump, stout, overweight, large, solid, chubby, portly, rotund, flabby, paunchy, pot-bellied, beer-bellied, dumpy, meaty, broad in the beam, of ample proportions, Falstaffian


Meanings of Cat:
  1. Small carnivorous domestic breast with soft fur, short holdings and retractable claws. It is often kept as a pet pet for catching mice and many breeds have been developed.

  2. A man (especially among jazz fans).

  3. Lift (anchor) from water level to catheter head.

  4. Means computed axial tomography

  5. Computerized (or auxiliary) testing.

  6. Clean up

Sentences of Cat
  1. Domestic cats can breed a maximum of three times a year because they are not usually restricted by food or weather.

  2. I kept them out of the air and traveled freely until the anchor arrived.

Synonyms of Cat